3 Things I Don’t Buy at Aldi

What comes to mind when you think of Aldi? Perhaps it's the fact that you have to put a quarter in for a cart, but I bet for most of you it's great prices. Since my move down to the land of no double coupons (i.e. Florida), most of my grocery shopping is done at Aldi.  That's … [Read more...]

Facebook Live Savings – So Glad I Opened My Email

  Do you delete a lot of emails without even opening them? I will confess, I do, but I am so glad that wasn't the case with a recent email from CVS.  Here was the topic:   Normally I would skip this thinking it was just an online deal, but I am so glad I opened … [Read more...]

FMM Weekly Savings Facebook Live

It's only taken 8 months (that's how long it's been since we moved to Florida), but I finally have a coupon savings worthy Facebook Live to share with you  I titled this Wondering why it's taken so long?  It's because Florida grocery stores don't double coupons.  Not only … [Read more...]

Giant Eagle Weekly Ad Coupon Matchups | 1/19 – 1/25/17

  This is a hard Giant Eagle Matchup for me to post.  Not because there aren't any deals, but because after years of sharing them each week, this is going to be my last list.  The reason why is we are moving out of state (to where there is no Giant Eagle) in the … [Read more...]

Shop N Save PA Deals | 1/12 to 1/18/17

    Not a huge week at Shop N Save this week, but here are my favorites. FAVORITE SHOP N SAVE PA DEALS Kellogg's Cereal 3/$6 Buy 3, Save $1 Instantly = 3/$5 **(includes Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, Rice Krispies, Cinnabons, Corn Pops, Froot Loops Bloopers, Frost … [Read more...]