30 Uses for Distilled White Vinegar | Other Than Cooking & Disinfecting

Distilled Vinegar...  Good for so much more than cooking. In fact, In our house it's the go to disinfectant and cleaner.  Not only is it very frugal, but also much safer than cleaning with chemicals. But distilled vinegar is good for so much more than disinfecting and … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Repurpose AlkaSeltzer in your Stockpile

Over the past 5 years I have done quite a few posts on how to repurpose items in your stockpile. ` Today's is an update on the original inspiration for this series. ` It came from reading a free magazine I had received and mentioned 5 alternative uses for Alka-Seltzer. Since … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Repurpose Shaving Cream

Shaving cream can be picked up many times for under a buck and sometimes even free.   Even if you don't need it for shaving your legs, you might want to consider picking it up to use for these 10 Great Alternative Shaving Cream uses.   Remove Carpet Stains - There is … [Read more...]

Why You Should Stock Up On K-Y Jelly!!

    Did the title get your attention?   Maybe you are a little embarrassed.  After all, when you think of K-Y Jelly, what comes to mind? Well, I promise you this is a PG and maybe even G Rated post. Turns out that K-Y Jelly is good for so much than bedroom or … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Use OverRipe Bananas

With Bananas at 19 to 22 cents per pound at Aldis and Bottom Dollar they are a great frugal buy.`  While my kids usually gobble them down, they do occasionally become overripe. That’s what happened today, so I got busy baking.`  I made 9 muffins, a loaf of bread and a pan of … [Read more...]