10 Ways to Repurpose AlkaSeltzer in your Stockpile

Over the past 5 years I have done quite a few posts on how to repurpose items in your stockpile. ` Today's is an update on the original inspiration for this series. ` It came from reading a free magazine I had received and mentioned 5 alternative uses for Alka-Seltzer. Since … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Repurpose Shaving Cream

Shaving cream can be picked up many times for under a buck and sometimes even free.   Even if you don't need it for shaving your legs, you might want to consider picking it up to use for these 10 Great Alternative Shaving Cream uses.   Remove Carpet Stains - There is … [Read more...]

10 Uses for Kool-Aid (other then drinking it)

This week at Giant Eagle, Kool-aid is on sale for 20 packs for $2.50. `  That makes them just 12 cents each. ` ` The only problem is we don't drink a lot of Kool-aid in my house. While it's not free, it's very cheap and some of these alternative uses make it worthwhile to pick up … [Read more...]

23 Ways to Repurpose Your Lipton Tea Bags

  Do you have some Lipton Tea sitting in your cupboards? Did you know it can be used for so much more than drinking? It can, and I have 23 ways you can repurpose your Lipton Tea bags that you often can pick up for free or very cheap with coupons. Recently while … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Repurpose Mustard for Your Health

If you ever have watched Extreme Couponing, you most likely saw the shoppers pick up free mustard.  While I don’t condone buying endless amounts of it, there are some great uses for that mustard besides just taste that might be a reason to pick up an extra bottle or two. … [Read more...]