My Ah-Ha Moment with Lavender

Last night I had a definite ah-ha moment with Young Living Lavender Essential Oil.`  Let me tell you, after this experience I will never again be without it. I was cooking dinner last night and started smelling something burning.`  After figuring it wasn’t anything on the stove … [Read more...]

Young Living | I’ll Order for you at 24% Savings

Last week I shared my Young Living Essential Oil Testimony. ` If that got you interested, but you ` are not quite ready to take the plunge and order the kit ` I am happy to share MY DISCOUNT. Every month I place an order for our family through Essential Rewards. This month that … [Read more...]

Warning: Check Your Toothpaste

Since I share a lot of Toothpaste deals with you, I thought it was very important to share this new warning on Toothpaste with you. If you have Colgate Total in your medicine cabinet, take a look at it.`  Recent studies have have shown that one of the ingredients in it may lead … [Read more...]

My Young Living Essential Oils Story

`  If you have been following the blog during the last year you know I’ve been making a conscientious effort to`  to make our household healthier and more natural.`  That includes cooking more raw foods, cleaning with chemical-free cleaners and even healthcare.`  One area that … [Read more...]

10 Natural Household Cleaners Round-Up

  I've really been cutting back on the chemicals I use cleaning the house. ` White Vinegar has become one of my favorite products. ` It's pretty much all I use to clean my kitchen counters these days. `  ` There are many other great Natural Household Cleaners. ` Here's a … [Read more...]