Clean Mold Out of Your Fridge, Without Getting Sick

  Do you keep your leftovers?  Ever forget they are in there and they turn to mold? Unfortunately, this happens more often then I would like in our house. When it does, I dread cleaning it out because I am very allergic to mold and it seems to fly everywhere when I … [Read more...]

Repurpose Your Lemons for Health & Beauty

I’ve mentioned over on Facebook how illness has struck our house the past couple months.   While I definitely value the doctor’s opinions (and the antibiotics they provide) I still like using natural remedies when possible.  Many times I turn to essential oils, but the little … [Read more...]

Apple Cider Vinegar for Health & Beauty

Recently I’ve been using Apple Cider Vinegar more frequently in my cooking.  But just like white vinegar has multiple uses, so does Apple Cider Vinegar.  In fact there are quite of few ways to implement Apple Cider Vinegar into your Health and Beauty routines. Here are my top … [Read more...]

10 Natural & Frugal Kitchen Cleaning Tips using Table Salt

  We all have salt in our kitchen to spice up our food, but this very frugal seasoning item, can be very handy in naturally cleaning your kitchen. Here are 10 great ways you can use Table Salt to clean in your kitchen. Deodorize Metal and Plastic Water Bottles – Do you … [Read more...]

My Money Saving Laundry Tip

One of the ways I have saved money at home is by using microfiber clothes in place of paper towels for many chores.   This hasn’t been easy because my kids and husband have become dependent on paper towels.  I was finding  that if I had a roll of paper towel on the holder in the … [Read more...]