7 Things Living Minimalistically Has Taught Us

  It's official.  We are now residents of Florida.  We have Florida license plates and driver licenses, the kids are enrolled in school, the moving truck has come and gone and today the last thing of our move went away...    the 16 foot Pod we had filled up before … [Read more...]

Money Saving Tip | Don’t be Afraid to Ask

      So our time in Pittsburgh is coming to an end and when a friend asked me out to lunch before we left, I immediately thought of Primanti Bros.  After all, what's more Pittsburgh then Primanti's.  Over our 11 years here,  it is one of the two … [Read more...]

4 Frugal Ways to Get Your House Ready to Sell **Update – It sold in 9 days**

    **Update** - Our house sold after only 9 days and I think these tips were a big reason why. It's official!  Our house is on the market!! Let's just say it's been a crazy busy couple months getting it ready.  My house is looking better than it has since we … [Read more...]

Happy National Popcorn Day + a Money Saving Tip for you

    Happy National Popcorn Day!!   Did you even know that existed?  It does and it's January 19th each year.  No need to spend a bunch on popcorn to enjoy the day.  Here's a great money saving tip to really enjoy that popcorn.  Plus it's simple and healthy too.  . I’ll … [Read more...]

Frugal Christmas Traditions | Tips for Making Cookies with Kids

  Looking for a frugal tradition to start with the kids for Christmas.  Baking with them is a great one. Growing up, I so looked forward to Christmas Baking day with my mom.  We didn’t make the standard sugar cookies though.  Our Christmas cookies were German cookies … [Read more...]