Save Money by Selecting the Best Produce

Every time I go to the grocery store I always sort of “eavesdrop” on people while I’m in the produce section.  I do it so I can learn how to choose the right produce item.  Nothing is worse (or more costly) than bringing home a fruit or vegetable and then a day or two later have … [Read more...]

The High Price of Gas and Couponing

Can you believe Gas is at $4 a gallon or even higher in some areas?  It definitely makes couponing and sharing in The Coupon “High” a bit more challenging.  After all, it’s not really saving money if it costs you more in gas. However, the rising gas prices make it  essential … [Read more...]

How a Phone Call Saved me $30 on my Cable Bill and other ways to cut your Cable Costs

I will admit, cable is one area that we do not scrimp on.  My husband loves movies, and with cable and DVR he is able to watch movies when he wants and saves us money on theatre tickets.  Also we are big NASCAR fans so we pay a bit extra for the Speed Network.  I … [Read more...]