Gluten Free Money Saving Tip | Make Your Own Rice Flour

We are starting week two of Gluten Free breakfasts at our house.`  One think I’m quickly realizing is that Gluten Free Flours are expensive.`  A 24 oz bag of Bob’s Red Mill Flour sells for around $5 at Giant Eagle or Amazon.`  That can get pretty pricey when I use 3 cups to make … [Read more...]

The Best Days and Times to Save Money

Earlier this month I shared the Best time of the Year to shop to save money. ` However, even the time and day of the week can make a difference on how much you save. For instance, my Sam's store told me that they lower prices on Thursdays. ` This is particularly the case in the … [Read more...]

Two Ground Turkey Recipes + my secret ingredient

There’s a great deal on Jennie-O Ground Turkey this week at Bottom Dollar.`  After a printable coupon it ends up being only $1.49 per pound.`  That’s a great price for meat and to top it off it’s a healthy lean protein.`  I stocked up on the awesome deal and now have 24 pounds of … [Read more...]

2014 Bargain Calendar–Best Month to Buy

So it’s a new year and I have a great resource that will help you save all year long.`  It’s the 2014 Bargain Calendar.` `  You will find the best month to buy things and it’s printable. So print out the 2014 Bargain Calendar and tape it to the inside of your cabinet door.`  … [Read more...]

Frugal Tip–Use Newspapers to Clean Windows & Mirrors

How many papers do you pick up a week?  I usually get 3 each Sunday and I will tell you all I usually do is look at the ads and pull out the coupons.  That leaves a lot of paper for the recycling bin.  However, I have found a very frugal use for it.  This … [Read more...]