How to Beat Pantry Moths and Save Money



Have the dreaded moths invaded your kitchen?

Perhaps you are feeling really guilty thinking you haven’t been taking care of the house enough, but don’t do that to yourself!!!

There’s a good chance those little critters came home in a brand new box of pasta or cereal you picked up at the grocery store. I once bought a box of pasta and when I went to use it the same night a moth flew out of the box.

No matter how those little creatures got in your home,  it requires some in depth cleaning  and  while you are at it, it’s also the perfect time to clean out and organize that pantry.

This process isn’t without it’s downside though.  You are going to end up throwing away A LOT of food and for the frugal minded people, that’s just like throwing money away.  Ouch!!  Especially if you have to do it more then once.

That’s why I have some suggestions on how to keep the moth’s from coming back and not necessarily have to throw away everything.


But First – here are the tips to take to get rid of the pantry moths.


  1. Check all the DRIED Food in your pantry.  Moth’s like to hide out in flour, cereal, rice, pasta and other grains, but could also be in Nuts and Dried Fruits.  So pretty much check everything not in cans.  Here’s some tips moth have invaded:
    1. Moth’s come flying out of the box when you open it.
    2. You see moth larvae in the box
    3. You see cocoon webbing along the edge of the box
    4. Powder like substance in the bottom of the box.  That’s what happens as the moths eat the food.
    5. Money Saving Tip – If an open bag of grains of dry food DOES NOT appear to be infested (as in 1 – 4), but you have concerns – Instead of discarding the food, place it in the freezer for a week.  The cold temperature will kill any moth eggs that you didn’t detect.
  2. Vacuum out the entire pantry.  That includes all hardware, shelves and especially under shelving liners.
  3. Scrub down cupboards with White Vinegar.  Not only will this sanitize everything, but also deter moths from returning.  Make sure to get the hinges and door jambs because that is a common hiding place for larvae.
  4. Wash containers you had in the pantry in hot, soapy water.  This is an important step even if no pantry moths were in the container.  Then make sure to DRY everything really well because Moth’s love moisture.
  5. Take the Trash Outside.

I can personally attest that it is super important to follow all these steps.  I did just steps one and two and still found some moths flying around.  Granted not as many.

However, all was not lost ,because…

I found a great product to get rid of those few remaining moths.  It’s Premium Pantry Moth Traps.  Not only that, but it will get rid of any moths should they come home in new groceries.  That way moths won’t be able to breed and you won’t end up tossing your whole pantry in the garbage again.  That’s a definite money saver considering a 4 pack of the Moth Traps sells for under $10!

To make it even better, the Premium Pantry Moth Traps are non-toxic, organic and insecticide free.  Perfect, since you will be keeping them in your kitchen.   Instead of chemicals, the moth’s are attracted to the trap (which is sticky) by phermones that humans don’t smell.

Finally, the traps aren’t ugly.  In fact, I have a trap sitting on top of my refrigerator and if you don’t get really close enough to read it, you wouldn’t know it’s a bug killer.



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  1. I haven’t experienced this personally yet myself, but I do know it happens. Great tips for taking care of the issue, thanks for sharing!

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