Asparagus Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms | A Meatless Meal From Aldi



Going meatless once a week is a great way to save money, especially when you pick your produce up from Aldi.  It’s even better when the produce is the special for the week.  That’s exactly how this recipe for Asparagus Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms came about.

I couldn’t pass up Asparagus for $1.29 and two Portobello Mushroom caps for 99 cents.   Even though I love Portobello mushrooms, I don’t buy them often.  That’s because one of my daughters actually gets sick from them.  Since I make just one meal a night (no short order cooking for me,) I usually stay away from dishes that include them.  However, she was out of town for a couple days so I jumped on the sale and picked them up for a great meatless meal that didn’t include beans.

The produce wasn’t the only item I picked up at Aldi.  In fact all the ingredients for this recipe can be picked up at Aldi.   Does that mean I got them all from Aldi?  The answer is nope.  I had the canned tomatoes in my stockpile because it turned out a coupon and sale deal was better than Aldi’s price.



You can keep track of this yourself with the Free Aldi Price Chart with over 300 items.  Just compare sale prices at your local grocery store to this chart and see if you should stock up or shop at Aldi.

Click HERE to Download Aldi's Price Chart


Either way you go, this meal will be pretty darn frugal.  Just Click Next to find out how to make it yourself.









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