Asparagus is in Season | Tips to Make the Most of It


April is prime season for Asparagus. ` That means money saving deals for you and a great time to stock up. ` Follow these great tips to make the most of your Asparagus.

Apsaragus Nutrition ` Facts

This (usually) green veggie is packed with B Vitamin Folate. ` This helps prevent birth defects and can protect your heart. ` It also is high in vitamin K which enables blood to clot normally.

To maintain the nutrients, cook the asparagus in an upright position if steaming, boiling or blanching. ` This works because most of the nutrients are found in the tips.

Tips to Pick the Best Asparagus

  • Go Vivid -` no matter the variety, purple, green or white, pick a group of asparagus with stalks vivid color and no blemishes or bruises.
  • Closed Tips` – The tips of the stalks should be tightly closed and purplish in color. ` For the stalk check to see if it appears to be freshly cut.
  • Any Size is Fine` – The thickness of the stalk you picks just depends on your taste. ` From Pencil thin to jumbo all can be equally tender as long as they are fresh. ` The best way to ensure this is to buy Asparagus in season.
  • Don’t Wilt away -` Do NOT pick Asparagus that is not firm and has wilted stalks. ` Also stay away from Asparagus if it’s buds are opened.

How to Store Asparagus

To keep your Asparagus as crisp as possible, wrap it in a damp paper towel. ` Then place the whole group in a plastic bag and store in your refrigerator. ` In addition to keeping it fresh, it will also help maintain it’s nutrients.

If you buy more then you can eat within a week, you’ll need to freeze it. ` To do so, trim the ends (see below) and blanch by placing the asparagus in boiling water for 15 seconds for small spears to 30 seconds for large spears. ` Pat dry with paper towels and let it cool. ` Place in zipper freezer bags and freeze.

Should your asparagus go limp before you use it, cut a small slice off the stem ends and place stem ends down in a glass containing 1″ of ice water. ` Cover loosely with a plastic bag and refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours.

Asparagus Cooking Tips

Trimming` – You will want to cut off the white part at the bottom of green asparagus since it is woody and tasteless. ` You can do this piece by piece by holding one end of the asparagus spear in each hand and bending the stalk. ` It will naturally break at the point where it becomes tough. ` To speed things up a bit, you can try a couple and then line it up with the bunch and use a knife to cut the ends off.

If the spears are very thick and tough skinned, you may need to peel the asparagus. ` Don’t peel the whole stalk, but intead just 2 strips on opposite sides of the spear. `  Save the peelings and the ends for soup stock.

Test for Doneness – Check your asparagus by piercing a stalk with a tip of a knife. ` It’s done when the knife meets just a bit of resistance – or crisp tender.

Cooling Tip– Avoid plunging the spears into a bowl of cold water. ` This could dilute the flavors. ` Instead spread the spears in a single layer on a towel.

If your asparagus gets overcooked, cut it into 1″ lengths to hide the floppiness. ` Cut it on the diagonal and it will make your plate look fuller.

Hope these tips help you make the most of your Asparagus that you have picked up while in season at great savings.

So stock up on asparagus while in season and use these great tips to make the most of the money you spent.

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