Welcome to Frugal Minded Mom (formerly The Coupon “High.”)  I’m Kim a busy stay at home mom to 5 ranging in age from teen to toddler.  With seven in the home being Frugal is always on my mind. After all, raising kids is a very pricey endeavor.

How it Began and Where It’s Going…

In 2009 the blog started to share the excitement I experienced while shopping with coupons and share the great deals with my readers.  While I still use coupons as a method of frugality, the world of couponing has changed.  With stores placing many more restrictions on them,  it’s not quite the Coupon “High” it used to be.

Don’t despair Giant Eagle and Shop N Save Shoppers,  I will still be doing the deal posts for those stores, but I’m hoping to share so much more.

Being a very analytical person (I am a licensed CPA), I love looking for the best deal on things.  Many times these deals aren’t advertised, which is why I love sharing Unadvertised Deals I find at Giant Eagle.  Other times the deals don’t include a coupon at all – especially with Aldi being such a great place to shop.   It’s for that reason, I’ve created the Use a Coupon or Shop at Aldi Price List.  Just sign up for emails and you can get a copy Free.

Shopping and getting deals is just part of being a frugal minded mom.  You will find other great frugal homemaking ideas including repurposing items in the stockpile, saving on kids expenses, making your own cleaning products, and one of my favorite ways to save – cooking frugal recipes.  That’s where I get to be creative.

Two Things You Won’t Find on this Frugal Blog

  1. DIY Crafts – I’m a numbers person and will confess the thought of scrapbooking or stamping makes me very nervous.  The only crafts I touch are the ones that are assigned to the kids at school.  Fortunately, I have some kids who are very artistic so they help out with those now.
  2. Menu Planning – Many frugal blogs swear that menu planning saves you money.  I have tried it and like crafts it causes me a great deal of stress.  With the kids it seems that last minute events (like helping them review for tests) always come up that I didn’t know when I planned the menu.  I might only have 15 minutes to make dinner and the item on the menu could take 45 minutes.  I will definitely be sharing Frugal Recipes, but I won’t share a breakdown of when we will be eating it.

Frugal, Not Cheap

Finally, I’m not frugal on everything – that would be cheap.  Instead I am frugal so that we can splurge on items that we value.  Our top three are health, education and time together.  So in addition to my frugal tips, I’ll also share things that I consider worth the splurge.   After all, we don’t get to take the money we have with us when we die, so it’s worth using some of it now to enjoy those things that mean the most to you.  Even though they might be a splurge, I do try to still get a deal on them though.

Staying Connected

I would love to hear your Frugal Minded idea.  Come share on Facebook, where I share the latest posts from Frugal Living Mom, on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or Instagram.  You can also email me at couponhigh@yahoo.com

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