ABC’s of Saving at Giant Eagle

abcs of saving at giant eagle

Wondering how to save big at Giant Eagle.`  Here’s my ABCs of Saving at Giant Eagle.

A is for Weekly Ad — One of the biggest ways to save at Giant Eagle is to match coupons with the weekly ad.`  Visit the Coupon “High” Giant Eagle page each Wednesday and you will find all the coupons that match the deals in the ad for the coming week.

B is for BOGO sales — BOGO stands for buy 1, get 1 free, but there’s no need to buy two items if you don’t need them.`  At Giant Eagle these will ring up at 1/2 price.`  So you can get the savings just buying one item.`  This is perfect if you only have one coupon.

C is for Cashback Sites — Great way to double your savings is to take advantage of offers from Cashback sites like SavingStar, Checkout 51, Snap, Ibotta and the newest on the scene Berry Cart.`  The great thing about these is they can be combined with each other and manufacturer coupons.

D is for Double Coupons — With your Giant Eagle Advantage card, Giant Eagle will double coupons up to 99 cents.`  The exceptions are coupons that are coded to not double.`  You can check these out on Smart phone apps like Double Coupon Checker for Apple (it’s free) or Qseer for Androids (costs $1.99.)`  Occassionally, even if the coupon is coded to double, if it says Do Not Double on it, the cashier will override it to make it not double.

E is for eOffers`  – There are two main sources for eOffers at Giant Eagle — Cellfire and Giant Eagle eOffers.`  These must be clipped and loaded onto your card before redemption.`  Unfortunately, they cannot be stacked with manufacturer coupons.`  If you try, the eOffer will automatically come off.`  I don’t use them very often unless there isn’t a manufacturer coupon available or I want an additional item.

F is for Fuel Perks -`  Every time you spend $50 or more at Giant Eagle or GetGo you’ll earn 10`¢ off per gallon of gas at GetGo.`  In addition there are often opportunities in the weekly ad for Bonus Fuel Perks.`  You can find the deals in TCH Giant Eagle ad matchups each week or here.`  Check out all the specific rules here.

G is for Gift Cards — I included Gift Cards as a way to save at Giant Eagle because they offer 10`¢ Bonus Fuel Perk for every $50 Gift Card purchases.`  In addition, they often run bonus savings deals — especially around the holiday.

H is for Had Coupons and Forgot to Use them — If you left the store and realized you forgot to use your coupons, all is not lost.`  Giant Eagle will accept them with your GE Advantage Card up to 10 Days past the date on your receipt.

I is for Internet Printables — Unlike Shop N Save, Giant Eagle does double Internet Printable coupons.`  You can find my favorite printable coupons here.`  However there are the following limitations.

  • No coupon with a value over $3 will be accepted (unless advertised in GE ad)
  • No “Free with no purchase necessary” or “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” Internet printable coupons allowed.
  • As mentioned above there is a limit of two “like” coupons per purchase.

K if Free Cookies for Kids — For $1 you can purchase a Giant Eagle Kids Cookie Card.`  100% of the proceeds go to benefit local children’s hopsitals and your child gets a free cookie each time the card is presented to your local GE bakery.

L is for Coupon Limit — For paper manufacturer coupons you are limited to 12 like coupons per day.`  Internet printable are limited to 2 like coupons.`  Although it’s the official policy, I can tell you that stores don’t always strictly enforce the 2 like coupons rule.


M is for Multiples.`  Very often at`  Giant Eagle they have sales where if you buy multiples you get a certain number Free.`  If you don’t want to buy that whole number — here is a way you can get the savings without buying a ton.`  These savings deal with buy 3, Get 1 Free deals or something similar.`  Remember, with BOGO deals they ring up at 1/2 price and you only have to buy 1 to get the savings.

N is for No Overages — If when the coupon doubles, it exceeds the value of the item, the coupon will be reduced to make your cost zero.`  There are no overages with coupons allowed at Giant Eagle

O is for OYNO deals In`  the weekly ad you will often find OYNO deals and you can find additional deals at Checkout Rewards.`  These are offers where if you buy so many items or spend so much, you will receive a catalina coupon for so many dollars off your next order.`  Coupons work great on these deals when they are based on quantities.`  However, if the amount you are required to buy is based on dollars, it become more complicated.`  You can check out the details here.

P is for Personalized Coupons`  – If you have a Giant Eagle account, you will want to check your inbox at least once a month.`  That’s because they send emails with personalized savings for you.`  The great things about these deals is they can be stacked with manufacturer coupons.

Q is for Qpon (Coupon) Policy — While I’ve mentioned some of the top points in the Giant Eagle coupon policy, check here for the official Giant Eagle coupon policy.

R is for Rebates — While these are usually not specific to Giant Eagle, you can double your savings at Giant Eagle and elsewhere with rebates.`  Find some helpful hints here to make the most of rebates.


S is for Store Brand Guarantee — You can Save big with Giant Eagle store brands.`  If you aren’t satisfied, they offer a Double Your Money Back Guarantee

T is for The Coupon “High” — Of course I have to mention The Coupon “High.”`  Not only can you check the blog for great Giant Eagle deals, but be sure to check out TCH Giant Eagle Facebook Group where not only I share deals, but other GE shoppers do too.

U is for Unadvertised Deals — In addition to the weekly sales, Giant Eagle offers many unadvertised deals.`  Check the TCH Giant Eagle page on Thursday afternoons for the latest Unadvertised deals updates.

V is for Verify prices on your Receipts— After a shopping trip and before you leave the store you will want to verify that the prices on your receipt are correct .`  If the prices are wrong, Giant Eagle offers an AccuScan Guarantee that promises the first item improperly scanned for free and every other item at the lower price.`  This does not include milk.

W is for Why I Shop at Giant at Giant Eagle even though prices are High big hint — freebies

X is for xtra Savings in Commuity — Not only does Giant Eagle offer savings on groceries, but you can also save on activities at Giant Eagle.`  These include Cultural Events, Family Fun like Kennywood or Cedar Point and Museum Savings.

Y is for Organize your Coupons Your Way — Coupons only help you save, if it works for you.`  For some a Coupon Binder works.`  I found that it didn’t work for me, so I organize my coupons this way.`  Do what works for YOU to save the most.

Z is for Zippo Produce`  -`  Except on rare occasions, produce is not a good area to save on at Giant Eagle.` ` `  You can get much better deals at stores like`  Bottom Dollar or Aldis.`  The one big exception I find on this is the Ripe Bananas bags for 59 cents for 3 lbs.

That’s my A to Z of Savings at Giant Eagle.`  Hope they help you save big and understand the ins and outs of Couponing at Giant Eagle.`  Also let me know if you have any other great ways to save.

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  1. You need to update the limit on the paper coupons from Sunday inserts, magazines, etc down to 5 like per day. You still have it listed at 12

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