9 Unique Gifts for the Wine Lover

Got a wine lover on your list?

Here are 9 unique gift ideas for you. Each is around $20 or less so they won’t break the bank. Not only that, but they would also make the perfect Hostess gift for the Holiday parties you might be attending this season.

Perfect Coaster Gift for Wine Lovers.The Perfect Coaster Gift for Wine Lovers!

★★★★★ ” The coasters are true to picture and the recipient, who is quite picky with her home furnishings, absolutely loved them. They are very sturdy and are clearly made to last. When I gave them to a friend at a party, – she opened them in front of everybody and the rest of the guests RAVED over them! It was clearly a very hit gift!” – Prime Fan on Amazon

Beautiful while functional.  These genuine wood coasters come with a storage box too and are a perfect gift for the wine lover.

★★★★★ “I bought these coasters as a house-warming gift for a friend along with a bottle of wine, and it was an absolute hit.”  – Sarah on Amazon

Looking for that perfect wine lover gift?  Here you go.


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Personalized Cork Holder Gift for Wine Lovers

Personalized Cork Holder Gift for Wine Lovers

Don’t miss out and get the letter for your wine lover now!

When I first saw this gift, I though oh my gosh, my husband isn’t alone in wanting to save those wine bottle corks.  I’ve always been frustrated with them just laying around but this gift resolves that problem.

This gift holds those corks from your wine bottles and decorates your house too.  That’s a win win.

★★★★★”   I was pleasantly surprised by this item. I thought it was going to be too simple for the living room but good enough to hang /in the pool room. But I have to say – looks great in my living room by the bar.” –  Natalie on Amazon



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Great 3-in-1 Wine Chiller GIft for the WIne EnthusiastGreat 3-in-1 Wine Chiller Gift for the Wine Enthusiast!

The wine lover on your list will be ready to serve the wine with this Cooler Stick Freezer with Aerator and pourer decantor.  Better yet, it’s hassle free maintenance.

Not just one gift, but 3.  Get it now.

★★★★★ “Well made and a beautiful item to use for family or guests!!” – Morgan on Amazon
★★★★★  “This is a great tool to have on hand!” – Michelle on Amazon




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Uniue Wine Lover Gift Idea - Take a Wine

Unique Wine Lover Gift Idea – Take a Wine!

Upon seeing this gift my immediate thought was it would be perfect for any one who has a pool membership and likes wine since you can’t take glass bottles.

Learn how Take A Wine works here and makes the perfect gift.

★★★★★”This bag is the coolest thing! I love how easy it is to pour the wine in and how slim it is that it can fit anywhere!” – Mimsie on Amazon  

★★★★★ “Bought this as a gift for Christmas for a wine lover who also has a boat/cabin. She was very excited to be able to safely bring wine to these places without the bulk of a wine bottle or the worry of breaking glass. Great product!” – Liathegr8 on Amazon 


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Erasable Wine Glass Markers Gift for the Wine LoverErasable Wine Glass Markers Gift for the Wine Lover!

★★★★★ ” This is a genius idea! Not only can you use them on your wine glasses, but you can use them on any glass or non porous surface!” Amanda on Amazon 

You get 5 different color markers that don’t smear but can be easily washed off with a sponge.  Plus they are 100% non-toxic.  Perfect for a party so you know whose cup is whose.

★★★★★ ” Awesome markers! Such a great alternative to wine charms. I always lose my charms….what a great idea!!!” -Connie on Amazon

Check out this perfect stocking stuffer for a wine lover..

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Perfect Unbreakable Glass Gift for the Wine LoverPerfect Unbreakable Glass Gift for the Wine Lover!

Another great item for the person who enjoys wine on the go – especially at places that allow glass – like pools.

Get 4 premium quality silicone and rubber wine glasses.   They are dishwasher safe and collapse down to make for easy storage.If you have a hard to wake up Car Geek on your List?  You need to get this.

Get the details on the great wine lover gift here.

★★★★★ “The price was amazing as they are usually much more expensive.  I will purchase these again, maybe a gift for myself.” – Holly on Amazon

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Great Gadget Gift Idea for Wine Lovers

Great Gadget Gift Idea for Wine Lovers!

I don’t drink wine, but this is so cool looking that I might just want one for myself.  Realistically though, I probably won’t do that, but it will make for a great gift.

It’s a cordless electric wine bottle opener that takes the cork out in seconds.  Not only that, but attractive enough to sit out on the bar.

Have a wine drinker that loves gadgets?  Here is the perfect gift.

★★★★★ “My girlfriend had been opening wine bottles between her feet on the ground. Now she can open them with one hand with east. The stainless steel and blue light look awesome in the kitchen.” – Bryce on Amazon

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Super Stopper Gift for Wine LoversSuper Stopper Gift for Wine Lovers!

These reusable silicone bottle caps will keep your wine fresh for at least a week.  That means no wasted wine.  Plus they are leak proof and easy to clean.

Want to spoil the wine lover on your gift list.  Get these.

★★★★★ “These little stoppers work wonderfully well. Once you get them on the top of the bottle, they fit so well that no air at all gets in the bottle. I wish I could have bought these years ago–” – Kajingranny on Amazon

★★★★★ ” I bought these wine stoppers as a gift, but when I got them I had to try it out. I love them. Really cool how they slip over the bottle. Seals well and fits great. My wife loves the cute sayings on top. I would highly recommend them for yourself or as a gift. I guess I will have to re buy to give them as a gift!” – Amazon Customer  

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Handy Aerator Gift for the Wine Lover

Handy Aerator Gift for the Wine Lover!

★★★★★ “Makes your wine taste delicious!!! Best decanter on the market.” – Ben on Amazon

A great gift for wine lovers that transforms and enhances any wine instantly.

★★★★★ “Easy to use, elegant Gift Box & Manufaturer loyalty…it doesn’t get any better than that.” – I.C on Amazon 

As seen on CBS, NBC and ABC news, don’t miss this gift for your wine lovers.

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