8 Frugal Gifts for the Tech Loving Teen

I have 3 teens and they all love their technology. Of course they would love a brand new iPad or iPhone from Christmas, but let’s face it – that is outside the Christmas budget. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t get them tech items without breaking the budget.

Not only that, but they will be items they actually love and use. Just checkout all the 5 Star Reviews below. I’ll definitely be picking up several of these for my teens and hope the ideas help you out too. After all, they are each $30 or less.

So here is my list of 8 Frugal Gifts for the Tech Loving Teen

Fun Bluetooth Beanie Gift for Tech Loving TeenFun Bluetooth Beanie Gift for Tech Loving Teen!

★★★★★ “If you are looking for a gift for a music lover this is it. The material is so soft and comfy – that surprised me. We bought this for a 20 year old but would work for any age really. It’s a hands free way to chat on the phone or listen to music. Oh – and stay warm.” – Dana on Amazon

Keeps the teens head warms while still letting them listen to their technology.  Works with iPhone, IPAd, Android, Laptops or Tablets.  Plus it comes in many different colors.

★★★★★ ” I love this Bluetooth hat SO much! I wore this product while running in a 5K on Thanksgiving and the quality – of both the sound and the cozy comfort -was superb.”  – Kim S on Amazon

Learn all the details (including all the colors & designs) on this fun teen gift here.


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Cool Waterproof Speaker Gift Idea for Teen

Cool Waterproof Speaker Gift Idea for Teens!

No worries about phones getting wet with this great teen gift idea.  Learn more here.!

It seems that the kiddos are always listening to their phones with earphones in.  As a mom, I worry about their hearing when they due this.  This gift gets those ear plugs out of their ears and they can enjoy music anywhere.

It’s a fully waterproof speaker that allows hand-free talking on your cell phone, remote shutter release for the phones camera and even can skip through songs on your play list.    Not only is it great for the shower, but also outside or by your pool.

★★★★★ “Wow! This is an awesome bluetooth speaker. It shocked me how loud it was after I paired it with my phone and played Pandora!” – Shelly on Amazon  


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wireless speaker gift for techy teenHot Wireless Speaker Gift for Techy teen!

Enjoy the high definition stereo sound with this small and frugal wireless bluetooth speaker.  To make it even better the batter guarantees up to 12 hours of playing time.

Keep your teens ears safe with this best selling gift idea.  Don’t miss out.

★★★★★ “Great speaker – Exactly as pictured and described. Worth every penny” –  Nataifah on Amazon
★★★★★  “Great sound quality considering the size. We bluetooth from our phone and use it both in the bathroom at home, as well as on the beach. Love the waterproof bag that comes with it! The battery works very well, as we don’t really have to charge it that often (can easily get a full weekend out of a fully charged battery, and can go for a few weeks if using at home).” Amazon Customer


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Great Car Bluetooth Adapter Gift for Tech Loving Teens

Great Car Bluetooth Adapter Gift for Tech Loving Teens!

My 18 year old is always complaining that his car doesn’t allow for an aux cord so he can’t listen to music on his phone really well.  So when I saw this gift I knew it was a must buy – especially since it’s right in the $20 range.  Think he will love it!

No matter the age of their car, the teen can enjoy their cell phone tunes in the car.  Learn how.

★★★★★”Now, I can listen to my Spotify from my 20002 car.  No installation, no nothing. Plug this little guy to my car’s cigarette lighter… BOOM, it sees my phone. Take a little time to find a vacant channel from my radio and I start listening to webcast, Spotify and more!”  Charles on Amazon  

★★★★★ “Bluetooth transmitter for a friend that is not so keen on technology, yet they were able to set it up themselves, and unit is very straight forward. Unit plugs into a cigarette lighter (best place is where the shift knob is for best visibility), pairing is a breeze.” CritQ on Amazon


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Cute GLove Gift Idea for the Tech Loving TeenCute Glove Gift Idea for the Tech Loving Teen!

★★★★★ “perfect! my girls love it! “Raquel on amazon

At under $5, this is the perfect stocking stuffer idea for a teen.  It will keep their hands warm and allow them to use their phones and tablets.

★★★★★ “These are so cute and soft ♡ They are pandas not cats but I could tell that from the picture and that’s what I wanted 🙂 I can use my phone wearing them which is nice.” –  Noelle on Amazon 

Don’t miss this perfect stocking stuffer for the tech loving teen girl..

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Stocking Stuffer Stylus Gift Idea for Tech Loving TeenUnique Stylus Gift Idea for the Tech Loving Teen!

I think these would make for a great stocking stuffer for that hard to buy boy teen.

Not only is it a stylus, but also a pen, screwdrivers, level and ruler.  Also the bright yellow color will make it hard for the teen to lose.

Don’t miss this great teen stocking stuffer.  Get it here.

★★★★★ “The Edgeworks multi tool pen is a good pen. It’s quality and finish are fantastic with good construction send premium materials. The driver are hard and won’t lose its form with normal use.” WenView on Amazon


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Perfect Storage Bag Holiday Gift for Techy Teen

Perfect Storage Bag Gift for the Techy Teen!

I know I’m tired of kids loosing cords or getting them all tangled up and it seems we have them everywhere in the house, so I’m thinking this would make for a more organized house.

The bag keeps cords from getting lost and tangled.  Plenty of room for your power banks, phone chargers, USB Device, Flash Drives, Ipad minis and more..

If you have a teen constantly losing cords?  Don’t miss this gift.

★★★★★ “This bag has so many spaces and places to put cables! This is now taking place of two separate cable organizing bags I had previously.” JD on Amazon

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Handy Electronic Caddy Gift for TeensHandy Caddy Gift for the Techy Teen!

With 5 Deep Pockets and 5 Small Pockets this gift will hold everything you need.  From textbooks to tablets to smart phones.  It’s got you coverd..

Technology devices everywhere in your house.  Keep it altogether with this gift.

★★★★★ “I usually have my stuff on the floor or night stand, but love this solution” – BMV on Amazon

★★★★★ “Finally a Caddy that REALLY works – has Velcro straps that can fit any area.” – Kindle Customer on Amazon  

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