#1 of Most Expensive Grocery Items


#1 Pricey Pre-Cut Produce

Sure it’s convenient and can save you a  bit of time, but did you know that as soon as most vegetables or fruit are cut open they start loosing some of their nutitional value.  Not only that, but it will go bad faster.   In addition you don’t know who is cutting that produce or how it’s been handled and cleaned.

The simple savings solution is to buy the produce on sale (be sure to check out Aldi) and cut it yourself.  Not only will you avoid paying premium price for someone cutting it, but you will get the highest nutritional value out of it.

If you hate cutting things, you can always buy a chopper machine.  I know Sandra Lee on Money Saving Meals swears by her Onion Chopper.  You can pick one up for under $20.

My confession – I do occasionally buy pre-cut produce from the frozen section when there’s a great coupon deal, and if there’s a great BOGO sale and coupon to match I’ll buy pre-chopped salads.



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