7 Items I Do NOT Buy at Sam’s Club




Are you here because you can’t believe there are things I don’t buy at Sam’s because you think everything is a deal at the warehouse store?


Maybe you just want to see the items I  consider to not be frugal at Sam’s Club.   Maybe it’s both.

Either way, I first want to share what inspired me to even write this post.

I made a quick trip to Sam’s Club a couple days ago and was totally shocked at one item that I saw in about 80% of people’s shopping carts.

That item was WATERMELON and the reason I was shocked was the price.  It was $5.98!!  Considering you could get a similar watermelon at Shop N Save for $2.99 this week or even Giant Eagle for $3.99 this week (and next week), I could not believe so many people were buying them, but they were.

Apparently, these people had not looked at the grocery ads and thought since it was Sam’s Club it was a great deal.  It also did not hurt that the Watermelons were set up all over the store and they are just back for the season.  Still it was definitely not a good deal since you could buy 2 watermelons from Shop N Save for the price of one at Sams.

That got me thinking about the other items I don’t even bother looking at Sam’s Club for since I know I can get a better deal on them elsewhere.  Seven came to mind right away although I am sure there are more.

So here we go.  Just Click Next to find the first item I NEVER buy at Sam’s Club




or you could Click HERE for why I do find my Sam’s Club membership so worthwhile 


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  1. Our Shark was by far the best deal at Sam’s Club than anywhere else! I was so excited because I really wanted one, and Sams made it affordable.

  2. Sorry but I’m not going past the first page. No your mobile version doesn’t need to know where I am. No I’m not scrolling through 7 pages to read this story. Seriously ridiculous. I would like to read this but I’m not scrolling through 7 or more slow pages with a ton of ads. Peace out. I won’t be back to your site


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