#1 Item I Don’t Buy at Sam’s Club


Laundry Detergent

My stock up price for bottles at either the grocery store or drug store is $2 or less for 50 oz when you combine coupons and sales.  That is 4 cents per ounce.

Even with a special sale at Sam’s right now, All Laundry Detergent is more expensive.  The deal is 225 ounces for $11.28.  That’s 5.1 cents per ounce and it includes a bonus savings.  Proof that just because it’s a sale at Sam’s does not make it a great deal.

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  1. What is the reason for needing to click next all of the time. I have slow service and I don’t have time to continually wait to read the next part. I had been considering reading other posts of yours but I can’t afford to. But I am really curious why you set it up this way. You surely have a good reason.

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