The 5 Money Saving Steps


Just Follow these 5 Steps to Save $100’s on Textbooks.  It will definitely be worth your time and energy.

  1. Find out what books you will need for your classes.  At my son’s school, we just needed to get his schedule and then go online to the school’s bookstore’s website.
  2. Grab the ISBN Number for the books you need from the school’s store website.   That way you will make sure you get the right edition. While there jot down the prices for the books you need.
  3. Go to the sites below and enter the ISBN number for a book on your shopping list and keep track the prices so you can compare. – Plus don’t forget you can also get a great deal on Amazon Prime for being a student – 6 months Free and then 50% off.
    AbeBooks – Watch carefully on this one.  I found a bunch of the used books with lower prices were instructor editions.  They say Same as student edition but has free copy markings.  I wasn’t sure what the Free Copy Marking meant, but it actually means there are answers in the book and the cover of the book is a bit different.  Prices below are the student variety of the books.
    Bigger Books
    Knetbooks (book rental) – Free Shipping on ANY Size order is a definite plus for this store.  Plus, after finals, send it back at no cost, just print a free shipping label and return your textbooks.  You can also sell books back to them, and more likely than not, they will pay you more then your school bookstore.
    You will definitely want to check each one because there are price differences and you can save big by shopping around.  For instance, one book my son needed was $19 at AbeBooks, while it was $359 on Amazon – yes Amazon can have crazy expensive prices.
    To help illustrate it even better, here’s an example using the books required for my son’s English 100 class.  He had two books to buy.  To make the prices comparable, they all include shipping charges (if applicable.)
    Store Viewpoints
    ISBN 978111350246
    Commons Sense Guide to Grammar
    ISBN: 9781457668098
    College Bookstore Used: $79.50
    Rent $42.40
    Used $44.50
    Rent $23.70
    Amazon Used: $18.42
    Rent: $18.54
    Used: $44.93
    Rent $21.49
    AbeBooks Used $18.48 Used $52.51
    Bigger Books Used $16.24 Used N/A
    Rent $31.83
    BookByte Used $17.40 Used: $36.85
    Rent: $22.90
    Chegg.Com Used: $27.49
    Rent: $19.99
    Used: $59.99
    Rent: 30.99 Used $16.50
    Rent: $17.02
    Used: $42.82
    Rent: $34.90
    Knetbooks Rent: $12.89 Rent: $30.59
  4. Compare prices and pick the Best Deal

    So as you can see, there is a definite savings for the Viewpoints book from the College bookstore whether we rented or bought it used.  Since he won’t need this book again, we rented it from Knetbooks – especially great since they offer FREE shipping on any size order PLUS use code EARTHWORM and you save an extra 3% on ANY size order.
    Since Common Sense to Grammar is a book he’ll find handy through out all of college, that ruled out renting it.  So we bought it used from BookByte for $36.85.
    Had I rented Viewpoints and bought the Common Sense book at the book store, the cost would have been $86.90.  Instead, I paid $49.35.  Just by clicking a couple buttons, I saved $37.55 – And that is just one class.  Considering you normally take 4 – 5 classes, you can see how you could easily save at least $100 by following these tips.
  5. Last but not least – check for coupon codes.  One of my favorite ways to get coupon codes for online shopping is the Honey Chrome Extension.  Once you install the Honey Chrome Extension, when you check out on a site.
    Here’s an example of the Honey Screen when I checked out from BookByte.
    Once you hit the Try Codes button, it will check all of the current codes to see if you qualify.  That way you don’t have to worry about if you typed the code in correctly.

So when you need to go buy the text books for college, don’t just HEAD to the college bookstore.  Instead follow these 5 simple steps and save hundreds.






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  1. Christine Korff says:

    My daughter’s college bookstore offers price matching with Amazon and Barnes & Noble on both purchases and rentals. We choose to price match rented books when we can because the bookstore allows highlighting in them while other rental places frown on highlighting.

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