5 Things to Help Your Sick Household



It’s official.  Cold Season is back.  Has it hit your house yet?  If you answered yes, you know sickness can throw the whole house up in an upheaval.

Don’t depair though, because I have 5 great things that can help you survive.

So first, let me tell you how I came up with them.

All was going well in 2015 health wise for our family until Halloween.  At that time, we picked up a nasty trick,  and not a treat.  It all started with my then 11 year old coming down with a fever.  At first I thought it was just the run of the mill virus that would be gone in a day or two, but it wasn’t.  The fever remained and got higher.  So after 3 days I took her to the doctor.  Turned out to be pneumonia and a trip to the drug store to get her prescription filled.

We had been so healthy that on that visit I had to give the pharmacist our insurance card since they hadn’t received it any time in 2015.  Well, I can tell you they now know me personally.  In fact, we were such frequent visitors at the start of 2016 then when I drove up to the drive thru to pick up a prescription, they call me by name.  You see that bug hit all seven of us over a period of three months.  It just seemed to keep giving..  Not only that, but it hasn’t been an easy one to get rid of requiring several medicines and lasting a long time.    To keep things extra interesting, the stomach flu had to rear it’s ugly head a couple week’s ago too.

If you can relate at all, you will definitely want to check out what

  • Helped this mom stay sane through it all
  • Helped not break the bank with all the medical cost
  • Helped us Actually Feel better.

So they can help you too.

Sanity Keepers


Easy to Use and Fast Thermometers

These have definitely been a sanity keeper.  Especially at those times when multiple children have been sick at the same with spiking temperatures.

I have shared previously how I love the Exergen Temperal Thermometer.  It just so happened that I had picked up a new one just two weeks before Illness Struck for under $10 since the one we had for 8 years was on the fritz.  Perfect timing I would say.  I don’t know where I would have been without it.

Now there is one hassle with this thermometer.  That is keeping track of those temperatures for different people.  I try to keep track of it all on paper, but it always seems  the papers end up disappearing.  That’s where Thermometer #2 comes into play.  It’s called the Kinsa and it claims to be the world’s Smartest thermometer. In fact it works along with your smart phone.

Here what I personally like about the Kinsa thermometer

  • Although it’s oral, it’s quick.  In addition to Oral the thermometer can be used under the arm or rectal and you can get sanitary plastic tips at the drug store.
  • No BATTERY required and the stick is flexible so you don’t have to worry about breaking it.
  • Keeps track of temperatures by person and keeps track of the time.  This means I don’t have to worry about loosing papers or writing things down.  That alone was worth the $14.99 it costs to get.
  • The Great price.  Currently you can get the Kinsa for $14.99 shipped to you.  That’s a $5 savings off the current price on Amazon..
  • You can create profiles for everyone in your family and not only keep track of fever and times, but also symptoms and if and when medicine is given.  Once again a sanity keeper since keeping track of the times medicine is given for multiple people can get tricky.



Once again, right now you can currently get this Sanity Keeping Tool for just $14.99 and in my opinion it’s well worth it.


Feel Free to Let It Go

Be Willing to Let Things Go a Bit

During those months of illness we were in what I called “survival” mode.  Just doing what absolutely positively needed to be done.  For someone who likes to make sure things go just right this isn’t easy, but for the week after I was first diagnosed with pneumonia  it’s what I had to do.  Other then taking care of my 3 year old who got diagnosed the same day as me with pneumonia, I truly let everything else go and spent all my time on the couch or bed.

This meant

  • For the kids who aren’t quite ready to study all on their own, I let the teacher’s know what was happening at our house and they might see a drop in grades that week because spending hours studying just wasn’t going to happen.
  • Since my husband doesn’t cook, meals weren’t the healthiest or most frugal during this time.  There were nights when I had my husband pick up take out.  To not break the bank, he would stop at Sams on his way home and grab a Rotesserie Chicken and Potato salad or sometimes we picked up the $5 pizzas from Kmart.  Some nights we would eat ready meals I had in my stockpile – like soup and one night we splurged and had Chinese.
  • You probably noticed there was a week I didn’t blog at all.  It was the week I was sick.  Not only did I not blog about deals, but I also didn’t  shop.  That meant I missed out on some sales, but fortunately sales tend to cycle and my stockpile was full enough so I could wait a week and just have my husband pick up milk.
  • Asking the kids to help in the cleaning.  Of course this meant things didn’t get done as well, but honestly at this point that was my least of concerns.

I needed the time to heal and not worrying about these other things helped me not loose my mind during the process.


Those are my Sanity Savers, Click Next to see How I Saved Money







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  1. Our family’s health is paramount…. We should do all to keep it that way, buy all we need. Good post

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