Saving Money Thru Sickness

Money Savers during Illness


Having such a sick family can really break the bank.  Not only does every trip to the doctor have a copay of at least $25, but there’s all the copays for the prescriptions.  Most of them have been $10 or less, but when there are 7 of you and everyone has been on at least 2 medicines, it adds up.  Not only that, but some of the medicines required us to pay full price since they were considered appliances, not medicine and therefore we need to pay our deductible before they were covered.




Fortunately we had set up a Flexible Spending Account at the beginning of 2015 and because we had been so healthy, there was a lot of money in it.  In fact, before all this happened, I had been thinking of ways I could use that money so I wouldn’t loose it at the end of the year.  Well that didn’t end up being a concern and our budget wasn’t broken thanks to this money saving tool.  Not only that, but it was PreTax dollars too.


Not Wasting that Medicine

Of course the kiddos had that liquid medicine that tends to get stuck in the spoon.  Check out my great tip HERE for getting every bit of that Medicine out of the spoon.

**Speaking of that liquid medicine, if you’re wondering why the bottle pictured above is marked with numbers, it’s my way of tracking doses.  I write the numbers on right away for the number of days and doses required and then after giving the medicine X it out.  Just another way of staying sane.


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