Get $40 of Clothes FREE from Schoola | Including Shipping


Looking for some new clothes for your kids or even yourself?  How would you like $40 of clothes shipped to your house totally free.  Just follow these steps and you can.

  1. Sign up for Schoola with this link to get a FREE $20 Credit
  2. Add $40 of Items to Your Cart (including Preschoolers to Teen Boys and Women Sizes)
  3. Use Code EXPLORE to Save 50% and Get Free Shipping.

The credit should show up when you checkout and cannot be used on new items with tags.

Now these aren’t brand new clothes, but instead gently used clothes that people donate to Schoola.  Sizes range from Preschoolers to Teen Boys and Womens.  So pretty much everything, but infants.  To make it even better, the proceeds are donated to the donators school of choice.

I highly recommend Schoola.  My little one has really been enjoying some of the clothes she has received.  I’ve picked up brands like Janie & Jack and Hannah Anderson that I otherwise wouldn’t have even considered due to price.  Here’s a


My Schoola Experience

I have received several shipments from Schoola.  There have been a couple of issues with items, but on both occasions Schoola Customer Service was very helpful.

  • In one order, I was supposed to receive a ladies sweater.  While it was listed on the packing slip, it didn’t come in the box.  I called and they gave me a coupon credit for over the price of the item.
  • The other issue was a sizing issue.  I ordered a size 5 dress and the actual dress was more around a size 2-3.  It was a Hannah Anderson dress so sizing was in European scale.  Once again, they gave me a credit for more than what I paid.

Everything else has met my expectations and I was very pleased and how quickly and efficiently they handled the problems I did have.

So don’t delay and sign up and use your credit now while FREE shipping is available.

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