23 Ways to Repurpose Your Lipton Tea Bags



Do you have some Lipton Tea sitting in your cupboards?

Did you know it can be used for so much more than drinking?

It can, and I have 23 ways you can repurpose your Lipton Tea bags that you often can pick up for free or very cheap with coupons.

Recently while organizing my stockpile I came across a full box of regular Lipton Tea bags.  I picked these up quite a while ago when they were free after sale and coupons.  I do drink tea, but usually it’s the herbal variety and not plain regular tea.  So this box of Lipton tea has been sitting in my stockpile for awhile.

Not wanting it to continue to take up valuable space in my cupboard, I started looking for alternative uses for my tea bags.  I found a wide variety of uses for that Lipton tea besides drinking it.  They cover helping you with your health, home and beauty concerns.

First up is 11 ways to Use Lipton Tea for Your Health.  Just Click Next




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