11 Ways to Use Lipton Tea Bags for Your Health





Health Uses for Lipton Tea

Soothe a burn — Apply a wet Lipton tea bag directly the the burn.  You can also secure in place with gauze.  This also works great on razor burn.

Comfort a Sore Throat — Drink brewed Lipton Tea mixed with lemon juice or honey.

Stop the bleeding  — Before putting a band-aid on a cut, place a dampened Lipton tea bag on it to stop the bleeding.  Similarly, instead of just chewing on gauze next time you get a tooth pulled, place a moist tea bag on the empty spot.

Calm an upset stomach — If you are being plagued by vomiting or diarrhea, Lipton tea can help you out.  The tannin in the tea helps stop the muscular contractions in the intestines, plus the tea replaces fluids you have lost.

Comfort baby after shots — After your little one gets shots, you can help relief the soreness at the injection site by placing a Lipton Tea bag dampened water on top of it.

Soothe a sting — Next time a bee or wasp attacks, grab a Lipton tea bag.  Not only will the tannic acid reduce the sting, but it will also pull the stinger to the surface.  Just place a dampened tea bag over the sting and hold for ten minutes.  Don’t forget that aspirin can also help comfort the sting.

Halt a Cold Sore — Feel a cold sore coming on?  Grab a tea bag.`  Place a tea bag dampened with warm water and place it over the tingling spot.  When the tea bag cools, wet it with warm water and reapply.  Repeat several times.  The tannin in the tea dries the cold sore and helps soothe the pain.

Drain a Boil — Just dampen a Lipton Tea bag with hot water, but not scalding.  Without squeezing out the water, cover the boil and let it sit overnight.  The boil should burst by the following night — also will work for acne.

Relieve a Migraine — Place two Lipton Tea bags in a hot cup of water and let it seep for 20 minutes and then drink.  The strong tea will help your migraine.

Blister Proof your skin — Toughen blister prone areas with Lipton Tea bags.  Just apply wet tea bags to area twice a day and the tannic acid will  help your skin toughen so blister won’t develop.

Treat Plantar’s Warts — Press a warm and wet tea bag directly on the area for ten to fifteen minutes.  Let the skin dry.  Repeat treatment daily and the wart should disappear.

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