10 ways to Repurpose Disposable Diapers


It’s a happy day in a household when your little one gets toilet trained, but what do you do with those leftover diapers.  Well, you can hold on to them for future little ones or you can donate them, but here’s why you might want to hold on to a couple.  II  turns out they can be pretty handy:

Clean up spills on carpets – DIapers are super absorbent, so just place a disposable diaper face-down over the stain, and stand or place some heavy books on top of it for fifteen minutes or longer.

Use as a Sponge Bath or Reduce a Fever – Just saturate the diaper with water and wipe down your body.  Then place it over your forehead.

Stop the Bleeding – Use the diaper as a compress to stop a wound from bleeding

Make Nursing Pads – You probably won’t need this if your little one is potty trained, but could be a great use for the smaller size diapers your child has outgrown.   If you run out of Nursing Pads, just cut two circles from a diaper and use them for nursing pads.

Arrange Flowers – Using a pair of scissors cut open a diaper.  You’ll find polymer flakes.  Pour them into a vase and add water.  These flakes will absorb 300 times their weight in water and make the vase look pretty.  Then add the flowers to the vase.

Germinate Seeds – To keep seedlings moist without the hassle of having to water them daily, fully saturate a diaper with water.  Then lay the wet diaper plastic side down in the bottom of a tray for seedling flats.  Place the seed pot on top.  Every 4 days saturate the diaper again.

Make an Ice Pack – Pour a cup of alcohol into the diaper.  Then soak the diaper in water.  Place it in a ziploc bag and freeze it.  When you have an injury or need to keep your lunch cold, pull it out and use.  Put it back in the freezer for the next use.

Packing Material – Simply wrap your fragile items in the diapers before packing in a box to mail..

Save a book – Ever have a book fall in the tub while reading it.  A diaper could come to the rescue.  Just place a piece of paper towel in-between every 15 to 20 pages and then wrap a diaper around the front and back book covers.  Prop the book up out of the sun, run a fan and wait for the book to dry.

Temporary Fix a Leaky Pipe – If a pipe has sprung a leak, use a diaper to keep your floor or cabinets from getting soaked before you can get it fixed.  Just wrap the diaper around the leak.

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