10 Great Uses for Orange Peels that will Save you Money



My kids love to eat oranges and occasionally I’ll use a bit of the peel for orange zest, but honestly I cringe when I have to toss the rest of the peel.  Many times I’ll send at least part of it down my garbage disposal since it makes it smell nice and fresh, but there has to be other uses for that peel.  After all, there are a lot of ways to use leftover coffee grounds.

So I went searching and here are some great ideas for those orange peels, instead of tossing them.  Not only will it keep you from filling your garbage, but these tips will also save you money by keeping you from having to buy special products.

Clear off gummy remnants of price stickers – So once of my husband’s biggest pet peaves is seeing the remains of price stickers at the bottom of glass cups.  Orange peels come to the rescue.  Just rub the sticky stuff off with an orange peel or any other citrus fruit.

Keep Acne at Bay – Create a face mask by grinding your peels into a paste.  This will help extract dirt from deep inside the pores.

Ward of Mosquitos – Just rub the outside skin of fresh orange peels over exposed skin before heading outside.

Make Potpourri – No need to buy potpourri to improve the smell of your house.  Just simmer orange peels in one to 2 cups of water in an aluminum pot for a few hours.

Deodorize your Refrigerator  This tip only works if you have an empty half of an orange.  Just fill the empty peeel with salt and place in a small bowl in the fridge to keep your fridge smelling fresh and clean.

Remove Musty Smell – Does your closet smell musty?  Place rinds from an orange inside a foot of old pair of panty hose and tie into a sachet.  Set it on a shelf to absorb and neutralize odor.

No More Cloudy Cups – If your glasses are cloudy from soap scum, try soaking them in a sink filled with warm water and a handful of orange peels.  Let them soak for 5 minutes and then wash.

Polish Wood – Use the white side of the peel to polish dull-looking wood furniture.

Natural Cleaner – Just combine some orange peels with white vinegar.  Let it sit for few weeks.  Then transfer to spray bottle, shake and use to clean.

Scrub your Body – Brighten your skin with orange peels.  Just place orange peels in cheesecloth and tie closed.  Then use like a loofah in the shower.  Now only will it brighten your skin, but also tone and firm it, all naturally too.

I don’t know about you, but I love that many of these tips allow you to use something you would normally throw away instead of having to spend money to buy a specific product.  Not only that, but it’s definitely all natural with no nasty chemicals.

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