10 Alternative Uses for that Free or Cheap Listerine

Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of great deals on Listerine. In fact it will be on sale starting the 16th at CVS again. But what should you do, if you don’t like to use it for mouthwash. Should you just pass on the good deals? After reading this, you may decide not to, because there are actually quite a few alternative uses for Listerine.

Here are 10 different uses for Listerine:
  1. Used to Clean and Disinfect – Did you know that Listerine was originally marketed as a toilet cleaner, and then later a floor cleaner? To use Listerine as a surface disinfectant and deodorizer mix a half and half solution of Listerine and water into a spray bottle. To kill germs, let the solution stand on the surface for one minute, then clean the surface as normal.
  2. Topical First Aid Antiseptic – If you have a little bottle, store some in your first aid kit. Applying Listerine to a cut, burn, or other skin abrasion removes germs and reduces the possibility of infection until proper medical attention can be obtained.
  3. Use for Body Deodorant – If you run out of deodorant, use Listerine for a substitute. Just rub a few dabs under your arm with a cotton ball. Don’t apply too much because it may burn and cause under arm irritation.
  4. Cure a Sore Throat – I know my husband swears by this. He does it straight, but you can also mix together one teaspoon salt, 1/3 cup warm water, and 1/3 cup Listerine and gargle with this rinse three times a day for one minute.
  5. Control Dandruff – If you are prone to dandruff, use one capful of Listerine to control dandruff in your hair. Pour the Listerine in your hair and work it through with a comb, then rinse.
  6. Control Mosquitoes and reduce the itch of the bites – For this application you should use the original medicinal type. Fill a spray bottle with Listerine and spray around where you will be or when you see a mosquito. If you do happen to get bit, applying Listerine helps reduce the itch of the mosquito bite and also helps it go away quicker.
  7. Fertilize your garden with Listerine – In early May and the again in June, fertilize your garden with a mixture of one cup Epsom salts, 1 cup Listerine, 1 cup Ammonia, and one cup liquid hand soap. Pour this mixture into one quart jar, and fill the rest of the jar with beer. This solution covers 2500 ft. It is cheaper and safer then expensive fertilizer.
  8. Soften your Skin – Soft people find this works, and some don’t, but it’s worth a shot. If you want softer skin on your hands, elbow, knees or anywhere else, try rubbing Listerine on it.
  9. Provide relief for skin issues – I actually used this application the other day. I have some red, scaly, itchy skin on my fingers. I poured Listerine on them one day and noticed a reduction in the itchiness right away. The next day I noticed the redness and scaliness was reduced as well. It will also help with psoriasis, shingles, various rashes, particularly poison oak, poison sumac, and poison ivy, and even acne. If you can’t pour it on, rub it on with a cotton ball.
  10. Kill and Treat Lice – I can’t promise that this will work, but if it does it’s definitely safer and cheaper then the traditional lice removal method. Thoroughly spray down the hair and scalp and let it sit. If you receive the dreaded note from school saying that someone in your child’s class has lice, it would be a good idea to spray down the hair and scalp of your kids as a preventative method.

Thanks to Associatedcontent.com for many of these suggestions.

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  1. The Prudent Homemaker says:

    You can also use it to help make canker sores go away faster.

  2. WOW thanks for your awesome tips. I have a stockpile of Listerine now because I keep getting it for free. WOW now I have some many ways I can use all that stuff! Thanks for the great post

  3. I had no idea that you could use it for all of these things. I'm printing this out. Thanks for sharing!

  4. suggest for feet soak, immersed, for long as possible in bowl of 50%listerine
    50% white vinegar heated to suit your touch repeat often daily
    read book vinegar 1001 uses y margaret briggs abbeydale press and read up on toenail-fungus.org the nail fungus treatment web site but dont buy anything also pre perpare your feet trim nails wash every day anti microbial soap coal tar soap still avaiable main stores also dont wear trainers aeraited shoes fit oudour eaters available £ shops.use 100%cotton socks etc and replace each day use medicated talc to keep feet dry if they over dry ude medicated

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