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Although I’m a frugal minded mom, somethings are definitely worth a splurge.   In my opinion being willing to splurge on somethings can mean the difference between being frugal or cheap.

Today’s worth the splurge item is Plastic Baggies.  Now I know almost everybody buys these, but it’s what I do with them that makes them worth the splurge for me.

Growing up with a frugal mom is a major contributor to me being the Frugal Minded Mom I am today.  I learned early on how to make the most of my money.   While I continue with many of the frugal practices my mom taught me, there is one thing my mom does that I don’t.  She reuses plastic baggies.

While this is a definite money saver, to me it’s worth the splurge to buy new baggies.  Here’s 5 reasons I don’t reuse my baggies

  1. Time – With 7 people in the household there are already quite a few dishes to wash.  Adding baggies to the mix just isn’t worth the time it would take to wash and dry them.
  2. Counter Organization  – My mom’s trick for baggies was to wash them, and then let them air dry.  Honestly, I don’t have the counter space for that.  In addition, I’m sure a little set of hands would pull those drying bags off the counter before I got a chance to put them away since they are such a fun toy for a 3 year old.
  3. Drawer Organization – Not only would the counter top organization be effected by air drying the baggies, but so would my kitchen drawers.  Reused baggies just don’t pack as well as brand new baggies that are contained in a box.  I have seen clear evidence of this at my parents house.
  4. Sanitation – I am sure you can really get those bags clean, but since dish washing is one of the kids chores, I wouldn’t be able to guarantee they were properly sanitized.  It’s not worth it to me to risk sickness just to save a couple pennies.
  5. Money – Honestly, using coupons I can get the bags quite cheap.  When I see a deal where a box is on sale for $1 or less I stock up.  That means each bag costs just pennies.  Is it really worth the time, problems with organization and risk of sanitation?  My answer to that is a definite no.

I would love to hear if you have an item you consider worth the splurge?

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