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Do you want to start saving money and Share in The Coupon “High”, but not quite sure where to start.`  Here are some steps that will help you start saving you and your family money.

  1. Know your stores rules. Every store (even those in the same chain) has different limits and rules in place.`  Most stores will have their Coupon Policy up near the Customer service Desk.
  2. Know the Lingo — As you check Coupon Blogs for deals, there is going to be different terminology.`  Here’s a great list of the Coupon Lingo.`  You’ll also want to understand the fine print on the coupon.
  3. Find the Coupons. This not only includes Coupon Inserts, but also Printables from Coupons.Com, RedPlum, SmartSource and even Target.com.`  To find a specific coupon that you are interested in you can check The Coupon “High” Coupon (TCH)`  Database.
  4. Add eCoupons to your store cards — For Giant Eagle shoppers, be sure to check Giant Eagle eOffers and Shortcuts eCoupons.`  Kroger shoppers — load up Cellfire Coupons and everyone can take advantage of Upromise and even get cash back.
  5. Organize your Coupons — This way they are ready for you when you want to shop
  6. Create a Pricebook — You will know if a sale is really a good deal.
  7. Be sure to check your Receipt after shopping and verify you received the proper catalinas. By doing both of these you might just save some more money.

For those of you that shop with kids in tow, you may not think it’s possible to take the time to get the deals.`  I have 4 and routinely do it.`  Here are some of my tips.

If you check out some of the posts above you should be on your way to sharing in The Coupon “High.”` `  You really can learn to save your family money and reduce your budget. I hope you’ll join me on this journey of saving money.

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