Save Money this Holiday with Honey


Would you like to save even more money on your Holiday Shopping?

I have a great tip for you.  It’s Coupon Codes!  Right now you are saying duh we already knew about those.  After all companies send you emails with them all the time.  But guess what?  They don’t send all of them to you.

Years ago (back when I was The Coupon “High”), I would try to share some of those “special” coupon codes with you.  However, I realized there was no way I could share every code for every store with you.  There are just too many.

But I do have a way you can get those “special” codes and better yet, it’s Free.

It’s called Honey and it’s a Chrome Extension.  That means that when you shop in the Chrome Browser, Honey will automatically pop up and offer to find and apply the codes for you.

Check out the example of Honey working for a Kohl’s Transaction below.  (Note – to get the most Kohl’s coupons you should enter in the payment type before running Honey.  Since they often offer special coupons for those paying  with the Kohl’s Card.  I didn’t in this example)

Step 1: When you go to Checkout, Honey will pop-up.  Click Find Savings and it will start looking for savings for you




Step 2: It will Hunt for Codes AND see if they work


Step 3: Your total will be reduced by the Honey Savings Found.  Of course, if you have a better code, you can still enter it.



Step 4: That’s not all.  You get bonus Honey Cash – even if they don’t find a coupon code for you.




Then you just finish checking out knowing you saved.


**As an added bonus, you can refer your friends to honey and earn $5 Referral fee and yes, links above are my referral link.

While I’m sharing this as a way to save on the holidays, Honey will actually help you save all year long.

So don’t delay and sign up for Honey today.  After all – It’s Free.  So nothing to loose and everything to save.

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