Non-Toxic Heavy-Duty Homemade Cleaner = Perfect Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Cleaning the bathroom these days with my normal cleaning products has gotten a little difficult.  That’s because I have a little shadow following me all the time.  It’s my almost 2 year old and there’s no way I am going to expose her to the nasty smells found in the store bought bathroom and toilet bowl cleaners.

Yet, I need to keep my bathroom clean so I’ve been on the look-out for a safe non-toxic heavy duty cleaners.  One that I don’t have to worry about having little lungs around.  For my kitchen and bathroom counters, I have been using the vinegar/water mix that also works great for cleaning windows and mirrors, but sometimes you need something a bit more heavy duty. One such example is the toilet bowl.

Vinegar came to the rescue again.  This time instead of just Vinegar and Water, it’s Vinegar mixed with Dawn Dish Soap.  The mixture is 50/50.  I mixed it together in a spray bottle that I got at Dollar Tree.  Can I just say I love these bottles because the sprayer works great and they have measuring markers, and of course they are only $1 each.



With 5 kids in the house, cleaning the toilet is almost a daily chore.  My new Non-Toxic Heavy-Duty Cleaner or 50% Dawn and 50% Vinegar  is perfect for this chore.

Just spray it around the edges and since the Dawn has some thickness it will stick to the sides of the bowl.  You can let it sit and then rub with a brush like you would store bought toilet bowl cleaner. 

Before I used this mixture in the toilet I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t destroy my plumbing.  I found that not only will it not destroy it, but Dawn dish soap is known to be a solution if your toilet gets clogged.  Once again perfect for this mom because some of my kids use more toilet paper then necessary.

At the time I was testing out this Non-Toxic Heavy Duty Mixture, I didn’t have any dirty grout to try it on, but I did have the water refrigerator tray that hasn’t come clean with anything else.


As you can see in the picture above, the Non-Toxic Heavy Duty Mixture cleaned it all up.   I started by spraying the mixture on and rubbing off with a micro-fiber cloth.  This didn’t get it all out, so I pulled out one of my Free Toothbrushes.  Presto, my refrigerator tray is no longer nasty.

Have you tried this great mixture yet?  I am loving it because my little one can be with me while I clean and I don’t have to worry about all the harsh chemicals hurting her.  She’s even learning to clean because I give her a micro fiber cloth and spray some of the vinegar water mixture on the counters and she rubs it off.  I love that at 2 they think it’s fun to clean.

Not only is this safe, but  it’s very frugal because sine a big bottle of Vinegar is under $2 and Dawn is often on sale.  So stock up on Dawn the next time the big sales come around.

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  1. I love homemade cleaners!

    Thanks for sharing on Good Tips Tuesday!

  2. I have been changing to more of these over the years. I like that they are easy to make and save money too!
    Thanks for sharing with us on Good Tip Tuesday –

  3. Now this I like! It doesn’t smell powerful enough to knock you off your pins, nor sting your eyes like bleach fumes. BUT the biggest attribute? It won’t ruin your bright clothes if you spil some on you! Bleach says “!Oops. Guilty as charged!”


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