My Coupon “High” Trip to Rite Aid–Great Deal on Razors


OOP $56.41 Coupons Used $25 UPs Received $24.50

Well I’m no longer silver or gold status at Rite Aid.  I really didn’t do too much drug store shopping last year due to the new baby, but instead used up my stockpile.  A shortage in my stockpile is what got me to the store today.  My husband informed me he was down to his very last razor.

Even without the Gold or Silver savings, I still got some good deals and one pleasant surprise.  Since I haven’t been to Rite Aid in awhile, I didn’t have any +UPs to use so my out of pocket was pretty high, but I now have $24.50 in UPs, so I’ll definitely be doing some more shopping at Rite Aid in the coming weeks.

Here is the Razor Deal that got me in the store:

Bought 2 ProGlide Razors @ $9.99 each
Got $8 in +UP Rewards ($4 for each)
2 Fusion 4 Pack Cartridges @$16.49
Got $10 in +UP Rewards for spending $30
Used two $10 off wyb Gillette Fusion Cartridge and Razor coupons from 12/2 RP
Equals $14.96 after Coupons and + UP rewards for 12 Razor Cartridge = $1.24 per cartridge

**I knew that the two ProGlides at $9.99 would go towards the $100 required for the $20 +UP Reward, but was pleasantly surprised to see that the Fusion Cartridges also counted towards it.  They didn’t have the little symbol in the ad, but they definitely counted towards the $76.94 that I have towards the $100


Here are the other items included in the $76.94:

2 Packs of Pampers Diapers @ $9.99 each 
Got $2 +UP for each pack
Used $2 Pampers Printable (NLA on
$5.99 per pack

Ziploc Slider Bags @ $2 each
Got $1 +UP for buying two
less $1/2 Ziploc 12/2 SS
$1 per pack

Plus I couldn’t resist picking up the Blistex that was free after +UP Rewards.

Gotta love the fact that my Out of Pocket was $56, but I have $76 towards the $20 +UP from the 50th Anniversary Promo thanks to Coupons.  I’ll be using the $24 +UPs I got this trip to reach the $100 required for the promo deal.

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