My Coupon “High” Trip To Giant Eagle–88% Saved

I had a great Coupon “High” Trip to Giant Eagle today and got $163 worth of groceries for only $21.  That’s an 88% savings.  I must admit part of it was sure luck.  The $7 Black and Gold bucks were not printing so they gave me cash for them when I went up to customer service.  That meant $21 in extra savings on my groceries. 

For some reason, none of the catalinas were printing, so I also got three of the $2 On Your Next Meat Purchase back as cash or another $6 off automatically.   It definitely pays to double check to make sure you got all your catalinas.

I also turned in 2 of my rainchecks from my last trip to Giant Eagle and got some Free Barbecue Sauce and Cinnamon Butter.

My savings will actually end up being $2 more when I call Giant Eagle corporate tomorrow because I didn’t get $1.25 in Giant Eagle eCoupon savings or $.75/1 OYNO for the 4 Dole fruit I brought.

OOP $21.62 Store Savings $92.26 (this includes the $27 from the non-printing catalinas) Coupon Savings $71.10



Here’s everything I got and unless otherwise mentioned, I used the Giant Eagle deals posted HERE.

  • 2 Land O Lakes Cinnamon Butter — FREE (using raincheck and coupon)
  • 2 KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce — Free (using raincheck and coupon)
  • 3 Eckrich Sausage — $2.40 each ( I had planned on using the $2 OYN Meat Order from the Hamburger Helper purchase towards these)
  • 6 Yoplait Greek yogurts — 25 cents each
  • Domino Sugar — $2 (this is cheaper than Aldi’s and I am completely out)
  • 4 Old El Paso Tortillas — 25 cents each
  • 4 Carolina Rice — 39 cents each
  • 9 Hamburger Helpers & 6 Betty Crocker Potatoes — 10 cents each after $2 OYN Meat order that I got back as cash
  • 8 Ragu Sauce — 75 cents
  • 4 San Giorgio Pasta — FREE from buying Ragu
  • 3 Tomato Soup — 33 cents each with the new coupon from Coupons.Com
  • 6 Fiber One Cereals — $.75 to $1.50 each
  • This is what I bought for the $21 in Steelers Bucks that I actually got back as cash

    4 Dole Fruits — $3.25 after $.75 OYNO and coupons
    3 Kraft Singles Cheese $2.49 each after $.50 coupon found in catalina machine near item ($7.47)
    14 Emerald Breakfast On the Go — Six for 74 cents each and 8 for 99 cents after coupon ( $12.36)

    So for all this I paid $2.08 after the $21 back.

    So did you have a great week at Giant Eagle?  I would love to hear.

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