My Coupon High Trip to Giant Eagle 65% Saved

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Giant Eagle Coupon High Trip 35

OOP $43.28 Saving Star eOffers Redeemed $6.65 = Cost $36.63
Coupons Used $32.20 Store Savings $28.17
Plus Bonus 10 cents Fuel Perks

It’s been so long since I’ve been to Giant Eagle that if I hadn’t gone today a $1.50 OYNO coupon would have expired.  Fortunately I got to use that plus I used a $5 off $50 coupon from a Gordon Food insert I received in the newspaper delivered to my house.

Most of the deals I picked up today will be ending tomorrow, but here are a couple that will still be available and aren’t just part of the weekly deals at Giant Eagle.

Sunbird Seasoning — Free with this deal (I only picked up two this trip even though I have 6 of the coupons. My coupons don’t expire until 4/30/13 so I have a while to pick them up.

giant Eagle Rhodes Rolls

Rhodes Monkey Bread Frozen Rolls — On BOGO sale until 3/13 = $1.49
$.50/1 Rhodes Warm & Serve Rolls printable
49 cents each
(I found it under zip 77477)

Stride Gum Peppermint $1.39 (other varieties of Stride are $1.59)
$.50/1 Stride Gum Printable
39 cents each

ValuTime Quick Oats $1.99 (this is for the big canister and is about $2 cheaper than the Bottom Dollar store variety)

Dole Fruit Crisps — 79 cents for 2 pack with this deal.

The other deals can be found on the list of Giant Eagle Sales and Coupon Matchups for the week.

The one other item that I’ll mention because it is part of a Bonus Fuel Perks deal is the Charmin Toilet Paper and Mr Clean.  I realized I missed out on the Mr Clean Bonus Fuel Perks deal, but it wasn’t worth spending $7.50 more just to get 15 cents Fuel Perks.  However, I picked them up to get the $5 SavingStar Charmin and Febreze offer.

Here’s a detail breakdown of that deal:

2 Charmin @ $6.99 each
3 Mr Clean @ $2.50 each
Total before coupon = $21.48
Less $1 for two Charmin Coupons 3/3 PG
         $3 for three Mr Clean Coupons doubled 3/3 PG
$17.48 and Get $5 back from Saving Star = $12.48 (basically makes the Mr Clean Free)

Now I am off to start next week’s Giant Eagle Match-ups.  I know there will be Free Heinz Gravy.  So if you haven’t already, go print your coupon NOW.

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  1. Jen Wofford says:

    Hello. i am fairly new to couponing but i am dying to know how i am doing. I can’t figure out how to post a pic of my ‘hopeful coupon high’, so i will try for a quick breakdown.
    OOP $54.48 Saving Star eOffers Redeemed $.75 = Cost $54.59
    Coupons Used $25.00 Store Savings $31.82 GE ecoupons $1.75
    Plus Bonus 10 cents Fuel Perks
    i think my total savings would be 51% ???
    Baileys Creamer 3/$5 – 3/$1 coupons = $.67/ea
    Land O’ Lakes Half/Half $1.89/ea – 2/$.55 coupons doubled = $.79/ea
    Tyson Chix Tenders $5.99 – 2/$.75 coupons doubled = $4.49/ea
    Plus I also had a $1 off one bag w/ GE ecoupon = $3.49
    Fresh Express Romaine Hearts – $3.58 – BOGO $1.79/ea – 2/$.55 coupons (not doubled)$1.24/ea
    Betty Crocker Frosting 3/$5 = $1.67/ea – $.50 off 2 coupon doubled, GE ecoupon $.75, savings star $.75 = $.42/ea (I somehow missed the cellfire)
    Juicy Juice 2/$7 – on sale 2/$5 -2/$1 off coupons = $1.50/ea
    Rice Krispie Treats $2.99 – on sale 2/$4 -2/$.55 off coupons double = $.90/ea
    Fruit Roll-Ups, etc. 4/$8 – $4 instant savings -2/$.50off coupons double = $.50/ea (for some reason I did not receive saving star on this one?)
    Hormel Homestyle Dinners 2/$4 – 2/$1 coupons = $1/ea
    Arm & Hammer detergent $5.28/ea on sale BOGO $2.64 ea/ – $.75 off 2 doubled (i had 2 coupons) so i got 4/$1.89/ea
    Arm & Hammer dryer sheets $3.28/ea on sale BOGO $1.64/ea – $.75 off 2 doubled (i had 2 coupons) so i got 4/$.89/ea
    I had a few other items that i did not have coupons for …. did i miss anything good?
    Edy’s ice cream $2.99
    Milk $1.90
    eggs $1.79
    marshmallows $1.35
    Schwebel bread 2.79

    So what do you think? Do i have a grasp on this? Any tips for me? Any advice is welcome !!! thanks so much !!!

    • Great job! Thanks for mentioning the Romaine Hearts. That’s a great price and they didn’t double most likely because peelies usually start with 9s which means they won’t double.

      As far as the cellfire on the Betty Crocker Frosting, you can’t double up with a GE eOffer. Some stores won’t allow you to use GE eOffers with coupons either, but it appears that yours does.

      Thanks for sharing and 51% savings is great especially with milk, produce and meat included.


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