Money Saving Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything


Stuck on what gift to get that person who has everything?  Or maybe you just want a unique gift for that special person?

**Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are mine.

Whatever the case, I have a great idea for you and the perfect way to save money on them.   Not only that, but with Christmas coming in less than 2 weeks, these ideas are guaranteed to receive on time.

The person on my list that fit this criteria was my grandma.  She didn’t have a lot of room in her apartment for new things, and she lived hours away from me.  So hand delivering things to her was out of the question most times.  So what’s a grand-daughter to do.   The answer was to order flower arrangments or food gifts that were delivered right to her.  I know my grandma loved the holiday bouquets – in fact, she had repurposed one of the vases and kept it until she died.

Now are you thinking ordering a flower arrangment of food idea can be mighty pricey.  My go to each year to save money has been Groupon deals.  Did you know that not only does Groupon offer voucher type deals to events and items, but they also have a whole section called Groupon Coupons.

They have coupons for everything, but here are three stores that definitely caught my eye for the gifts for people who have everything.

  • From Your Flowers – Currently 14 coupons available and guess what, they offer Fruit baskets too.
  • Shari’s Berries – 13 coupons currently available and I personally can say these are a great gift, because I have received them.
  • The Popcorn Factory – 11 coupons right now.

To make it even better, these Groupon Coupon deals are not just around at Holiday time, but all year long, and better yet – you can get exactly what you want.  So this works for birthdays, Valentine’s Gifts or pretty much any time you want to give special person a gift.


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