Gluten Free Money Saving Tip | Make Your Own Rice Flour


We are starting week two of Gluten Free breakfasts at our house.`  One think I’m quickly realizing is that Gluten Free Flours are expensive.`  A 24 oz bag of Bob’s Red Mill Flour sells for around $5 at Giant Eagle or Amazon.`  That can get pretty pricey when I use 3 cups to make Rice Flour Pancakes for just one breakfast.

While looking up recipes, I noticed that people said you could use a Vitamix to make your own Brown Rice Flour.`  The only problem with that is I don’t have one of the $400 blenders.


So I got to thinking.`  I use my $15 coffee grinder to ground up Flax Seed into meal, I wonder if it would work for Brown Rice.`  So I gave it a shot.

I just poured some raw Brown Rice into my grinder and turned it on at expresso mode.`  After several times of turning it on and off I had it to the desired consistency.`  I tasted them both and they were very similar.

The major difference is my homemade version cost only fractions.`  I got a 16 oz bag of Brown Rice for $1 at Bottom Dollar and this will make at least the equivalent of the $5 Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour.

The only drawback of this method is the container on the coffee grinder isn’t very big.`  So making 3 cups worth of flour might take a bit of time.`  However at an 80% savings, it is well worth it for me.`  Plus I don’t need to make the investment for a Vitamix at this time.

I also tried it with some red lentils.`  It ground those up into flour consistency as well.`  Now for some experimenting with that ingredient.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac a little less than a year ago, but we are still learning the ropes. I had actually not even thought of making my own rice flour, and I do have a BlendTec. I’m glad you were able to make it work with your coffee grinder–ingenious!

    • Hope it helps you save some money and your daughter feels good. Wish you the best working with your daughter’s celiacs. Fortunately there are quite a few Gluten Free recipes out there these days.

  2. Thank you so much for posting your experience with this! I never thought of making my own brown rice flour in grinder! You are so clever. Now even though I can’t afford the bob’s stuff I don’t have to keep making compromises on what I want to eat! I am about to go do this right now!


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