Giant Eagle Policy Update | Foodperks Gone and Expanded Giant Eagle Fuel Perks

giant eagle fuel perks update

On my last Coupon “High” trip to Giant Eagle, I mentioned that I used my Foodperks because they were expiring in two days according to the cashier.

I thought that was some what strange because in the past food perks expired based on when you accumulate them.  In other words, some of the Food Perks might expire, but not all of them.  Then I realized that she had told the same thing to the person in front of me.

Today I found out on the news how she was able to say the Food Perks were expiring on an exact date.  Giant Eagle is ending Foodperks.  The last day to earn Foodperks will be Feb 13 and discounts must be redeemed by May 31st.

Store officials claim that Food Perks  has proven too complicated for customers.  I could see why.  The cashier would deduct the Food Perks, but then if any coupons were used the total at the end would actually increase.  It was sort of strange.

According to WPXI, while the Fuel Perks are disappearing, the Fuel Perks program will be expanding.  Now GetGo customers will get 3 cents off per gallon when you don’t have any FuelPerks discounts accumulated on your card.  

In my opinion, the Fuel Perks expansion doesn’t actually have any impact Giant Eagle shoppers, but is instead a way to get people to fuel up at GetGo.  It looks like they are competing with Sams, Costco and Sheetz who offer discount gas to their customers just for being a member. 

So what are your thoughts on the change?  Did you use your Food Perks a lot?  I rarely did because when I shop at Giant Eagle I am picking up the coupon deals and my Out of Pocket is relatively low.   Since Food Perks were based on after coupon savings it didn’t make it worth while to use the Food Perks on most trips.

Now I’ll save 3 cents per gallon when I wouldn’t get any other Fuel Perks savings when  I fill up at GetGo.   Since my average fill up is 17 gallons,  it means a  51 cents savings.  This might come in handy if I go to fill up and my husband has used my fuel perks or vice versa.

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  1. I only used my FoodPerks once.. and I’ve only used my Fuel Perks two or three times. Normally I use Shell gas and only Shell gas. I did have $1.10 off per gallon that expired on Jan 31st and we went in a snowstorm to fill up M’honey’s suv and some gas cans.. It was cold & snowing… but we used em. I wasnt gonna lose that much. 😉

    I wish they would offer Cents off instead of fuel perks.. thats just not my kinda perk.

  2. For over three years my wife and I have filled our tank of gas and extra containers for 30 gallons worth of gas. Each 30 gallons we received 3% in food discount. We would stock up on non perishable food items once we had accumulated 20% off. We saved a great amount plus each $50 of food purchased, we got $0.20 off each gallon on our next 30 gallon fill up. These savings complimented each other and we saved a lot of money. So sad that we will be paying more for food in the future.

  3. Mike miner says:

    If you only have a 15 gallon tank you lose out . Is this not discrimination? The person with the big truck gets twice the money back that I can get . I paid the same for my food as they did . Why canny they write a program that notes when I have used up my 30 gallons


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