Giant Eagle Coupon High Trip & Cereal Updates

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Out of Pocket $8.40
Store Savings $5.92
Coupon Savings $15.60

(Included $2 OYNO from previous trip)

I did make it to Giant Eagle this week, but my trip was rather small.   Proves the point that you don’t have to clear the shelves to have a Coupon “High” trip.

To get nearly $30 worth of product for only $8.40 is a definite high.  The one disappointment on the trip was my store didn’t have any of the Ciba Contact cleaner in stock.

I had mentioned over on The Coupon “High” Giant Eagle Facebook group that I probably wouldn’t be taking advantage of the Angel Soft deal since my family doesn’t really care for it.  Well, I broke down and picked up four packs.   For 10 cents a pack it’s perfect for an emergency stash.

Here’s what the breakdown is:

12 Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurts 67 cents
4 Campbells Slow Cooker 50 cents each
4 Angel Soft Toilet Paper 4 packs 10 cents each

You can find the Giant Eagle deals I used here

I also have a cereal update for you.  Here are the varieties included in this week’s Post Cereal deals. 


Did you have a Coupon “High” trip to Giant Eagle this week?

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