Frugal Christmas Traditions | Tips for Making Cookies with Kids



Looking for a frugal tradition to start with the kids for Christmas.  Baking with them is a great one.

Growing up, I so looked forward to Christmas Baking day with my mom.  We didn’t make the standard sugar cookies though.  Our Christmas cookies were German cookies called Nurnbergers and Springerles.  I loved decorating the Nurnbergers (we always used sliced almonds and green and red jellies), but I’ll have to admit I preferred the taste of Springerles.

These cookies require special molds.  They used to be very hard to find, but now you can get Springerle molds on Amazon.  They aren’t cheap, but one is all you need to start enjoying these wonderful cookies.

Even though these weren’t the standard Christmas Cookies, my mom was always prepared to have the kids help in the kitchen and these tips made it so much more enjoyable.

Here are some great tips to make decorating cookies with the kiddos go as smoothly as possible.  for you to follow, no matter what type of cookies you make.

  • Set out decorations in non-breakable bowls with plastic spoons.
  • Cover the decorating surface with something easy to clean (or that you can just throw away.)
  • If using sprinkles, place the cookies to be decorated on a rimmed plate or tray to catch errant sprinkles.
  • If you are using frosting, place it in small plastic cups and give each child a popsicle stick for spreading the frosting.
  • Move the cookies to dry in a safe place out of reach after they have been decorated.  This was especially important with the Springerles which required overnight drying.  I always wanted to eat them right away.

So follow these steps and decorating cookies with the kids can become a great Christmas tradition.

What’s your favorite Cookie to Make for Christmas.  Here’s one of our favorites.  It’s not your traditional Christmas Cookie either.

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