Freezing your Frugal Finds

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So you have found a great price on an item, and decided to stock up.`  How much should you buy?`  Can you freeze it?`  Will it turn out good?`  That was a question that arose on The Coupon “High” Facebook page this past week in regards to Oscar Mayer Carved Deli Lunch Meat that was part of a On Your Next Order deal and had peelie coupons on each item.

Well I did a bit of research and have found out that it most cases it is safe to freeze foods.`  There are two exceptions: Canned items in the can and Whole Eggs in the shell.

There are also foods that you won’t want to freeze based on quality not safety.`  These include:

  • Salad greens and crisp raw vegetables — they will be limp after freezing
  • Creamed Cottage Cheese — will change texture and become grainy
  • Sour Cream — will seperate when frozen and thawed, and based on Facebook discussion, yogurt does the same thing
  • Whipping Cream — will not whip after freezing
  • Potatoes — become mushy if frozen raw, and watery and tough if boiled then frozen

So how long can you freeze things before sacrificing quality?`  The FDA Food Safety and Inspection service has come up with the following recommendations:

freezer guide

The most important part of this chart in my opinion is the note that says Frozen Food remains Safe Indefinitely.`  I can tell you I have used Bacon and Hot Dogs that have been frozen for over 2 months and they have been fine.

Storage Tips` 

If you are freezing food for a short time, plastic bags, wraps or original packaging are adequate.`  However, if you plan on it being longer, use special wrappings such as heavy-duty aluminum foil, special plastic freezer bags or wrap, or heavy duty plastic containers.`  This will decrease the chance of “freezer burn.”

My husband insists that if there is`  “Freezer Burn” the food`  must no longer be good and we could get sick.`  This isn’t the case.`  It is not harmful to you, but will affect the food’s texture and color.

For more helpful storage tips check out The Former Fat Guy’s Ultimate Guide to Freezing Food.`  It is filled with a lot of useful tips.

So go stock up when it’s free or cheap and freeze away.`  It will definitely save in the long run.

What about you, what is your favorite thing to freeze or what have you found should not be frozen?`  Share it with us in the comments or over at The Coupon “High” on Facebook.

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  1. I freeze a lot and keep it a long time too. We get a 1/4 of a beef for Christmas each year, and it is wrapped well. It lasts the two of us all year!

  2. This is great information! I really want to get a freezer for my garage so this is really useful for that =) #ThrowbackThursdaylinkup


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