Freezing your Frugal Finds

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So you have found a great price on an item, and decided to stock up.  How much should you buy?  Can you freeze it?  Will it turn out good?  That was a question that arose on The Coupon “High” Facebook page this past week in regards to Oscar Mayer Carved Deli Lunch Meat that was part of a On Your Next Order deal and had peelie coupons on each item.

Well I did a bit of research and have found out that it most cases it is safe to freeze foods.  There are two exceptions: Canned items in the can and Whole Eggs in the shell.

There are also foods that you won’t want to freeze based on quality not safety.  These include:

  • Salad greens and crisp raw vegetables — they will be limp after freezing
  • Creamed Cottage Cheese — will change texture and become grainy
  • Sour Cream — will seperate when frozen and thawed, and based on Facebook discussion, yogurt does the same thing
  • Whipping Cream — will not whip after freezing
  • Potatoes — become mushy if frozen raw, and watery and tough if boiled then frozen

So how long can you freeze things before sacrificing quality?`  The FDA Food Safety and Inspection service has come up with the following recommendations:

freezer guide

The most important part of this chart in my opinion is the note that says Frozen Food remains Safe Indefinitely.`  I can tell you I have used Bacon and Hot Dogs that have been frozen for over 2 months and they have been fine.

Storage Tips  

If you are freezing food for a short time, plastic bags, wraps or original packaging are adequate.  However, if you plan on it being longer, use special wrappings such as heavy-duty aluminum foil, special plastic freezer bags or wrap, or heavy duty plastic containers.  This will decrease the chance of “freezer burn.”

My husband insists that if there is  “Freezer Burn” the food must no longer be good and we could get sick.  This isn’t the case.  It is not harmful to you, but will affect the food’s texture and color.

For more helpful storage tips check out The Former Fat Guy’s Ultimate Guide to Freezing Food.  It is filled with a lot of useful tips.

So go stock up when it’s free or cheap and freeze away.  It will definitely save in the long run.

What about you, what is your favorite thing to freeze or what have you found should not be frozen?  Share it with us in the comments or over at The Coupon “High” on Facebook.

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  1. I freeze a lot and keep it a long time too. We get a 1/4 of a beef for Christmas each year, and it is wrapped well. It lasts the two of us all year!

  2. This is great information! I really want to get a freezer for my garage so this is really useful for that =) #ThrowbackThursdaylinkup


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