Free NeilMed Sinus Rinse and Nasa Dock & My Coupon “High” Trip to Walgreens


You may be wondering how the two things in the title relate.  It’s because I used RRs received from Freebies or Cheapies at Walgreens to buy the  100 packs of NeilMed Sinus Rinse I needed to buy anyways.. 

For the first time ever, this year  I have been experiencing sinus and ear infections from allergies.  Boy has it been a weird feeling.  I hate walking around dizzy and feeling like one side of my face is full.  However, thanks to receiving a Free NeilMed Sinus Rinse Bottle in the past I had it in my medicine cabinet, so I gave it a shot.  It has made such a difference.   Even thought the Refill Packets aren’t cheap, they are definitely worth while. 

If you have never experienced NeilMed Sinus rinse here’s your chance to try it for FREE, or you can keep it in your medicine cabinet like I did until you need it.  You can request on the NeilMed Facebook page a Free NeilMed Sinus Rinse Bottle with two packets.  Then to keep it clean you can get a Free Docking Station HERE just by filling out a short survey.

If you think this is just like a saline spray, you are mistaken.  It gets up so much higher and at least in my experience really helps to dry things out.

Now for my Coupon “High” Trip  to Walgreens.  It wasn’t a Money Making trip because I bought the Neil Med Sinus Rinse packs for $12.99.  (Unfortunately, coupons for NeilMed are few and far between so I bought it without a coupon, but $12.99 is sure cheaper than a doctors visit.)  Still, I managed to save 68% after RRs and got $44 worth of items for about than the cost of the Sinus Rinse pack.  That’s a Coupon “High” in my book. 

OOP $12.62 RRs used $17 RRs received $15
Coupon Savings $6 Store Savings $7.09


I used the deals from the Walgreens Freebies or Cheapies for the week.  I had considered getting the Money making Bayer, but decided not to because I already have a couple years worth in my stockpile.  So even though it’s a money maker I passed. 

I started with $2 in RRs from a  previous trip and did the top step in one transaction

Complete Eye Care — $1 Money Maker after $8 RR and Coupon
Advil and Thermacare — 99 cents after coupon and $5 RR
Scunci — Free after $2 RR

Out of Pocket $13.11 and received $15 in RRs

Transaction 2 is the bottom step and I actually got 3 of the Mac and Cheeses.  They were on sale with an in-ad coupon for 69 cents.  My kids have been begging for this, so I grabbed three.  2 of them were needed as item count fillers, (so I could use all 3 of the RRs from above) and one ended up being a dollar amount filler.

NeilMed Sinus Rinse 100 Packets — $12.99
3 Mac & cheese — $2.07 (after in-ad coupon savings)

Out of Pocket $.20 and received $0 RRs.

I’ve been trying to keep my RRs low because the Walgreens I like (and is coupon friendly) is further away and with gas prices so high I haven’t been getting there often and don’t want my RRs to expire. 

For this trip, I knew I wasn’t doing a bunch of transactions, so I went to the closer store.

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