It’s Digital Day – Perfect Time to Get Deals for your new Gadgets


Did you or someone in your house get a new Echo, Computer, Tablet, Video System, or Iphone Gift this Christmas?

Then you might be realizing you would like some additional apps, music, ebooks, games or more.

Fortunately for you, Amazon is hosting a Digital Day, today on 12/30/16.

The deals will change through out the day, but here is just a bit of what they are promising


Plus other great deals on popular content for your devices – including software like Microsoft Office.  This 24-hour sale is one of the best times of the year to shop for must-have digital content.

One that definitely caught my eye was Turbo Tax at a 35 – 40% savings.  I use it each year, so I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye open for that deal.

Do you have a digital product you want?  Let me know and I’ll keep my eyes open and you can check here for the latest updates.

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