Crockpot Tuesday – Scalloped Potatoes & Ham





Love Your Crockpot?

Love Frugal and Simple Meals?

Love Saving with Coupons?

Then you are in the perfect place and I have a great recipe for you!

Not only is the recipe one of our all time favorites, but it also proves that although food prices seem to constantly be rising, you can still get a frugal meal.

The meal is Frugal Scalloped Potatoes and HAM and it’s one of the very first recipes I shared.   The price I paid over 7 years ago is basically the same as today’s price. There is one great tip that helps in keeping the meal super frugal.

Wondering how…

Here’s the secret

The recipe uses lunch meat which often goes on sale AND has coupons to make the savings even bigger.  That means  you don’t have to wait for a holiday sale on ham, but can enjoy the frugal recipe ALL year long.

So are you ready to make it, just Click NEXT to find out what you need and step by step directions.







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  1. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says:

    Sounds DELISH!!! I love finding new ways to do potatoes!! Thanks for linking to TMTT.

  2. That is the easiest scalloped potato recipe I have ever seen and it sounds great!

    Thanks for sharing with TATT!

  3. I made ham steak with a box of au gratin potatoes last week. The ham in a skillet and the potatoes in the oven. I love that your recipe is for the crock pot!
    Thanks for sharing….question though, what size ham steaks do you use for this recipe?

  4. Oh, that is making me hungry! Looks like a good recipe to use up leftover holiday ham too!

  5. wow, quick, easy and delicious, sounds like a winner to me!! 🙂 thnx!!

  6. The Coupon "High" mom says:

    Alison – when I use a ham steak it's usually the 2 cooked slices by Sugardale that totals 12 ounces. I hope that helps.

    Gina – It is really good with leftover holiday ham. My husband is given Honey Baked Hams sometimes and I use the leftovers for this meal.

  7. My MIL taught me to make scalloped potatoes using this exact recipe but only baking it in the oven. I can't wait to try your recipe in the crock pot! What a great idea!


  8. I'm dying laughing, one of my readers just told me that you and I made almost the exact same meal and sure enough, pictures and all. How funny!

  9. The Coupon "High" mom says:

    Julia, I checked yours out. It looks good with the sausage and it is funny that we both posted around the same time recipes so similar.

  10. I made this tonight for Crock Pot Wednesday and it was delicious! I linked you…thank you!!!!

  11. I made this recipe this week. It's so good!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  12. I just found this recipe on Pinterest and want to add it to my monthly meal plan. Have you ever prepped it as a freezer meal? Just wondering how it would work without the layering and if the potatoes would turn brown.

  13. Do you think this would work with the Cheddar soup by campbells, instead of cream of mushroom? My husband does not like cream of anything-vegetable 🙂

    • I would think it would work because it would provide the liquid necessary in the crockpot. It would taste the taste though.

      My kids are opposite your husband. They don’t care for the Cheddar Soup, but love Cream of Mushroom. The cream of chicken and celery are no goes though.


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