Walgreens: Money Maker on Sinex and it’s Rolling

Here’s another deal to add to your Walgreen’s list for the week.  It’s a money maker and the best thing about it is that it is currently “rolling.”  That means you can use the Register Reward (RR) from buying one to buy another and still get the RRs.  Normally, … [Read more...]

My Coupon “High” Trip to Giant Eagle – Saved 85%

I had a HUGE Coupon “High” trip to Giant Eagle.  I got a bunch of things that will help in making my kid’s lunches.  It did take me six transaction to get it all and I had to rework some of the Giant Eagle OYNO scenarios because my stores prices were lower then what was … [Read more...]

My Aldi’s Experience

I normally don't go to Aldi's, but I did today.  What got me into the store was the celery that was on sale for 69 cents and I am completely out of.  At Giant Eagle this week celery is $1.50, so to get it for 69 cents is great.  Plus, my nearest Aldi's is right … [Read more...]

Walgreens Coupon Policy – Now Available Online

Woohoo! Walgreens now has an official coupon policy and you can see in online. Definitely print it and bring it with you when you shop. There are a lot of great points being addressed and here are a couple key ones:When items are featured in a Buy One, Get One Free promotion, up … [Read more...]

My Coupon “High” Trip to Giant Eagle – 72% Savings

I had a pretty good trip to Giant Eagle today and saved 72%. I bought pretty much all of this using the deals found here. You may notice that I didn't buy any Old El Paso products that were a great deal this week. The reason why was I didn't print the coupon out when I first saw … [Read more...]