Dinner From the Drugstore – Salmon Loaf with Cucumber Sauce

Brought this meal out of the archives today.  Made a couple changes.  One for health sake and one because it's what I had on hand.  The first change was to switch out the sour cream in the Dill Sauce for Plain Greek Yogurt.  This way I get extra protein with the calories.  The … [Read more...]

Pizza Stuffed Peppers | Quick and Easy Stockpile Meal

Aldi has a smoking hot sale on colored peppers this week.  3 peppers or 16 ounces for only $1.29.  Considering these sell for at least $2.99 per pound at Giant Eagle and just two Green Peppers sell for $1.39 at Aldi it was a deal I couldn’t miss.  I picked up 4 packs or 12 … [Read more...]

Simple Aldi Supper | Italian Paninis

Our food budget has been challenged the last month due to mom (me) getting pneumonia.   I was so wiped that for about a week I would just ask my husband to pick up something on the way home from work. After a week, not only did this get pricey, but honestly it gets old.  You can … [Read more...]

King Hawaiian Spicy Asian Sloppy Joes | A Stockpile Recipe

About a week ago my husband went to Sam’s to pick up protein drinks.  Of course that wasn’t all he picked up.  He also picked up a double pack of King’s Hawaiian Rolls.  He snacked on one pack of them, but I decided to use the second pack for dinner one night. I knew I wanted … [Read more...]

15 Minute Meatball Stroganoff

I love 30 minute meals, but 15 Minute Meals are even better and that’s what today’s Meatball Stroganoff recipe is. The recipe does take a bit of help from some pre-made meatballs.  This is one item I pick up at Sam’s Club.  A 5 pound bag sells for $13.88.  That makes it $2.78 … [Read more...]