Save over 40% at The Movies | Including Concessions


Recently, it was my oldest daughter’s 14th birthday.   We don’t do big birthday parties since family isn’t close by and have told the kids they can either get a big gift from Mom & Dad or have a kid’s party. Given that option, they always choose the gift from Mom and Dad.  … [Read more...]

Packing for a Road Trip with a Large Family | No Laundromat Time Required

Roadtrip with Large Family

If you have a large family and are stressed about packing for a road-trip, you won’t want to miss this post that will keep you from wasting your precious vacation time in a laundromat. In March we started planning a Road Trip to Iowa for a Family Reunion and then onto the  Bad … [Read more...]

How I See Couponing Changing


It’s a fact, the world of couponing has changed over the years.  In fact that’s a big reason I recently renamed the blog. You can find out some more of my thoughts on the changing world of couponing over at  Not only will you find that, but also how and why I … [Read more...]

Money Saving Tip | Get Your Free Credit Report


Did you know that according to the US government  10 million credit reports contain errors that are serious enough to negatively impact your credit score?  That's a very scary thought.  In addition,  credit fraud and theft is abundantant.  That makes knowing about your credit … [Read more...]

Teaching Kids About Money Without an Allowance


I am a frugal minded mom and I definitely want to instill the same money values in my children.  If nothing else I want them to learn the value of a dollar and how to manage their money.  Some say the way to do that is to start giving them an allowance at an early age.  This is … [Read more...]