3 Frugal & Fun Ways to Get Kids Active This Summer


Yippee!  It's summer time!! Back when I was young that meant hours and hours of playing with the neighbors outside.  We literally would be outside all day long and come inside exhausted after a busy day of playing.  We certainly got our exercise, and it was very frugal for my … [Read more...]

Chip Credit Cards | They are Worth the Hassle


Do you have a Chip on Your Credit Card? Mine does and to be honest, I have found it to be rather annoying.  Instead of the swipe I’ve been accustomed to over the years, I now have to slip the card into the machine.  The only problem is not all the stores have switched over their … [Read more...]

How to Beat Pantry Moths and Save Money


  Have the dreaded moths invaded your kitchen? Perhaps you are feeling really guilty thinking you haven’t been taking care of the house enough, but don’t do that to yourself!!! There’s a good chance those little critters came home in a brand new box of pasta or cereal … [Read more...]

Money Saving Tip | Know How Much Food to Make


  Does trying to figure out how much food to make stress you out? After all, not enough and your family will be hungry.  On the other hand, if you make too much, you'll end up with leftovers. While  I love my leftovers for lunch, some others in my family refuse to … [Read more...]

Freezing your Frugal Finds


  There's a great price on an item and it's time to stock up.  Here's some questions that might come to your mind. How much should you buy? Can you freeze it? Will it turn out good? Those exact questions on  The Coupon “High” Facebook page in regards to Oscar … [Read more...]