10 Ways To Feed A Growing Family Frugally Without Menu Planning


Got kids? If you answer yes, you will definitely want to check this out. No matter if you have one or 10 kids, this is something that WILL effect you.  That's because all kids grow up and as they grow they will eat more.  This can really wreak havoc on your food budget.  I can … [Read more...]

7 Items I Do NOT Buy at Sam’s Club


    **Hot Money Saving Deal on Sam's Club Membership right now.  Plus see what you should and shouldn't buy there** Are you here because you can't believe there are things I don't buy at Sam's because you think everything is a deal at the warehouse … [Read more...]

How You Can Exercise and Make Money!!


  Struggling to keep up on your exercise? I know I am.  I always think I have better things to do.  Fortunately I have found a great incentive - and its especially great for those of us that are Frugal Minded! You can get paid for your exercise time!!  Now it's not a … [Read more...]

Coupon Users – Are you Cheap or Frugal?


      Ever Wonder What People Think of You When You Use Coupons?? Well, thanks to some alone time with my preteen daughter, I got to find out.  While driving, she asked me to come up with one word to describe each person in the family.  After I had told … [Read more...]

Save Time and Money On Your Laundry


Ugh Laundry! Its one of those chores that never ends.  After all, you get a load done and guess what?  There's another one to be done.  Sound familiar to you? I often wish that I had two dryers because it always seems that the drying time is about twice as long as the wash … [Read more...]