Money Saving Tip | Know How Much Food to Make


  Does trying to figure out how much food to make stress you out? After all, not enough and your family will be hungry.  On the other hand, if you make too much, you'll end up with leftovers. While  I love my leftovers for lunch, some others in my family refuse to … [Read more...]

Freezing your Frugal Finds


  There's a great price on an item and it's time to stock up.  Here's some questions that might come to your mind. How much should you buy? Can you freeze it? Will it turn out good? Those exact questions on  The Coupon “High” Facebook page in regards to Oscar … [Read more...]

5 Things That Have Helped Our Sick Household


  All was going well in 2015 health wise for our family until Halloween.  At that time, we picked up a nasty trick,  and not a treat.  It all started with my then 11 year old coming down with a fever.  At first I thought it was just the run of the mill virus that would be … [Read more...]

Couponing with Kids in Tow


  **Pulled this article from the archive and even though it's 4 years later, most of these tips still come in handy.  I have added a couple new tips for you that my youngest has inspired and have also come about from Coupon Rules at stores**  It’s the first full week … [Read more...]

Spices | Keep or Toss


With the new year, getting organized is on everyone’s mind.  I’ve noticed  a lot of articles have come out online and on TV about what you can clear out of your cupboard right away.  I have to say I didn’t agree with all of them.  For instance, I love having more then one 2 cup … [Read more...]