Crockpot Tuesday Recipe | Pineapple Pork


Several months ago I stocked up on Dole Canned Pineapple when it was Free at Giant Eagle.  So when I pulled a Pork Loin out of my freezer for dinner, that pineapple came to mind. In the past I had made Pineapple Pork with Orange Juice and Teriyaki Pork with pineapples, and while both were […]

Crockpot Tuesday | Cranberry Roast


Here’s a super simple way to make a very flavorful Roast in your crockpot. It great for Fall and winter since it has cranberries. ` Not only do they add a harvesty feal to your meel, but also provide a nice sweetness to the roast. `  In addition, they are very frugal since you can get […]

Crockpot Tuesday Recipe | Turkey Pizza Stew


I have a new Crockpot Tuesday recipe for you and this one is healthy, tasty and frugal.`  It’s Turkey Pizza Stew and it gives you the flavor of Pizza without the guilt.`  To top that off, it’s very easy to put together, which is perfect since back to school time makes things sort of crazy […]

Crockpot Tuesday | Taco Salad with Pork


Revisiting the very first Crockpot Tuesday recipe I shared on The Coupon “High.” ` After many more recipes it is still a go-to and one that’s very loved. ` Although food prices (especially meat) have risen quite drastically over the past 5 years, Pork has remained pretty frugal and can still be picked up on sale for […]

Northern Beans & Ham Sweet & Spicy Soup | Crockpot Tuesday Recipe


Several weeks ago I picked up a bag of Northern Beans at Aldis.`  I’ve cooked a lot with Garbanzo, Black and Kidney beans before, but this was my first recipe with White Northern Beans. The one thing about dry beans is they require soaking before you use them`  I had soaked my bag of white […]