Winter Squash in Season | Tips for Picking, Storing, and Serving PLUS my favorite recipe

A great way to save money on produce is by eating what’s in season.  From October to January it’s peak season for Winter Squash.  That means, not only will you be getting the best price on it, but also the best taste. Winter Squash Nutrition Facts Squash is a great source of … [Read more...]

Mangoes in Season | Tips for Picking, Storing and Serving + Mango Salsa Recipe

  It’s July and that means prime season for Mangoes.  Actually I should say that it’s prime season for the Tommy Atkins, Keitt and Kent variety of mangoes since there are actually four different common varieties of mangoes.   Here’s a breakdown on mangoes. Mango … [Read more...]

4 Money Saving Tips to Buy the Best Frozen Vegetables

    It's winter and that means the choice of vegetables in season are somewhat limited.  Why's that important? It's because what's in season is what you can get the best deals on.  Here's what is in season during the winter: Broccoli Cabbage (White, … [Read more...]

Pomegranates in Season | Tips for Picking, Storing, and Serving

It’s October and that means peak season for Pomegranate. You’ll find the delicious and nutritious fruit in stores through December.   However, peak season means not only will you get the tastiest pomegranates, but also the best deal on them.  Here are some great tips to help you … [Read more...]

Peaches in Season | Tips for Picking, Storing, Serving & 4 Recipes

My produce pick for the week is definitely Peaches.  You can get them for just 79 cents per pound during the two day sale at Shop N Save PA.  The deals make sense since prime season in PA for peaches is July to September and buying produce in season is a great way to save … [Read more...]