How to Keep Your House Smelling Good and Healthy Too (Plus Free eBook)

Who would have thunk it?   Those scented candles are actually very dangerous for your health!! Does that bum you out?  After all, those candles make the house smell yummy and really get you into the mood of the season.  However, once I found out what was actually coming out of … [Read more...]

Hot Essential Oil Jewelry Deal

  Love your essential oils and want to share them with others?  Getting them a Oil Collection jewelry gift is a great idea. Right now is the perfect time too because there is an awesome sale this week (12/5 - 12/11). It is a  buy 3 get 1 free sale! Customers will … [Read more...]

5 Things to Help Your Sick Household

    It's official.  Cold Season is back.  Has it hit your house yet?  If you answered yes, you know sickness can throw the whole house up in an upheaval. Don't depair though, because I have 5 great things that can help you survive. So first, let me tell you how I came … [Read more...]

Frugal & Natural Car Air Freshener

Does your car no longer have that New Car Smell?  Maybe it's worse and not only does it not smell new, but it smells down and out bad. Considering the average person spends at least an hour in the car a day, this can be a real problem. Well, I've a solution for you and it's … [Read more...]

Clean Mold Out of Your Fridge, Without Getting Sick

  Do you keep your leftovers?  Ever forget they are in there and they turn to mold? Unfortunately, this happens more often then I would like in our house. When it does, I dread cleaning it out because I am very allergic to mold and it seems to fly everywhere when I … [Read more...]