10 Ways to Protect Yourself Online and Save Thousands


So let me ask you a question, how much of your holiday shopping did you do online? For most people I bet this number is pretty high.  My answer is between 85 to 90 percent.  While online shopping certainly makes life easier, it can lead to some big problems if you aren't … [Read more...]

Holiday Tipping Guide – Who and How Much


  Does the thought of Holiday tipping stress you out? Here's some concerns that come to my mind and cause some anxiety.  Can you relate? Who all do I need to tip? Do I have to tip my hair dresser even if I don't go in December and have tipped them before? What's … [Read more...]

Frugal Christmas Traditions | Tips for Making Cookies with Kids


  Looking for a frugal tradition to start with the kids for Christmas.  Baking with them is a great one. Growing up, I so looked forward to Christmas Baking day with my mom.  We didn’t make the standard sugar cookies though.  Our Christmas cookies were German cookies … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Feed A Growing Family Frugally Without Menu Planning


Got kids? If you answer yes, you will definitely want to check this out. No matter if you have one or 10 kids, this is something that WILL effect you.  That's because all kids grow up and as they grow they will eat more.  This can really wreak havoc on your food budget.  I can … [Read more...]

7 Items I Do NOT Buy at Sam’s Club


    **Hot Money Saving Deal on Sam's Club Membership right now.  Plus see what you should and shouldn't buy there** Are you here because you can't believe there are things I don't buy at Sam's because you think everything is a deal at the warehouse … [Read more...]